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Personal Groups, celebrating life’s achievements, Special Milestones, Reunions designed to remember day’s past, reconnect and build relationships, Family Graduations Trips bonding the family as they transition into exciting new horizons, Promotions and New Careers, Weddings – Starting a new life together, Anniversary Milestones, Birthday Milestones, Multi-Generational Family Adventures… There are valuable milestones we all reach in our lives that are worth celebrating gloriously together!



Charities and Fundraisingcelebrating charitable and not for profit successes and milestone achievements Grand events for achievements, Awards and supported events in your local community, In-country destination events to support the recipients or kick-off a major campaign, Journeys to work with your recipients, or offer first hand aid to the projects you support, Hosted events in-country to honor your recipients, motivate supporters, and work together with the people, Fundraising events and journeys that get everyone involved in contributing to your projects. Whether you are hosting the event or the event is being hosted or sponsored by another entity, these events are incredibly important to the very personal projects you are spearheading.

Organizational Groups,  celebrating  professional achievements , Special Milestones,  Professional Milestones, Business Development, Conferences, Retreats and Planning, Awards and Accolades, Team Building, Sales & Marketing Incentives, Grand Openings, Product Launches, Goal Setting & Strategy, Executives & Principle Awards and Retreats, Management Awards and Retreats, Special Events and Fundraising, Charity Support… The list is long when it comes to professional  corporations, organizations, associations, clubs, and professional groups. Celebration Escapes offers event and travel planning just for these types of entities who need an expert to design, create, organize, coordinate, and orchestrate these unique group events. 

Spiritual & Faith-Based Organizationscelebrating spiritual and religious pursuits. Annual Pilgrimages to religious destinations, Annual membership trips, fellowship Journeys, Leaders Retreats, Membership Conferences, Training and Renewal Events, Special Milestone Celebration Events, Pastoral Renewals and Leader Conferences, Missionary and Service Travel to International Destinations, International Arts Conferences and Competition Events, Ancestral Homeland Tours…Whatever your affiliation, People of like-minded faiths receive inspiration and fellowship from traveling together. Friendships are strengthened and new friends are found on these journeys. People are blessed on these trips as they realize Lifelong Dreams of visiting the sacred Holy places. 

Celebration Escapes Has a Dedicated Team of Inspired, Creative and Accredited Specialists  Who Will Allow You To Make A Real Difference In Your Organization’s Successes.

Large Groups Don't Have To Stay Inside

We Create Events and Celebration Journeys For These Top Personal Groups

Top 10 Personal Groups

  1. Class Reunions for High School and College Alumni
  2. Multi-generational Family Reunions and Vacations Group trips designed to bring everyone together 
  3. Individual Milestones– Groups helping someone celebrate an important personal milestone.
  4. Community River Cruises – People from the community traveling together building relationships
  5. Culinary & Wine Lovers– Friends and Family Journeys
  6. Personal Passions Journeys – Group trips designed around things people love to do
  7. Family Graduation Celebration Trips – Graduation & transition family trips
  8. Family & Friends Retirement Celebration Journeys– Retirement celebration journeys for family & friends 
  9. Family & Friends Anniversary Celebration Journeys – Milestone Anniversary journeys with  family & friends 
  10. Family & Friends Fundraising Trips– Helping people in need in the community

We Create Events and Celebration Journeys For These Top Professional Groups

Top 10 Professional Groups

  1. Charities & Not For Profit Organizations - Events & Fund Raising Campaigns Hosted By Charities, Companies, Associations  & Organizations 
  2. Corporations, Associations, & Organizations - Hosted Events & Fund Raising Campaigns
  3. Clubs, Retail Businesses, Entrepreneurs - B2B: (Business to Business) Journeys, Hosted Events & Fundraising  
  4. Corporations & Entrepreneurs - Client Appreciation & Achievements 
  5. Corporations, Associations, Entrepreneurs & Organizations - Professional Milestones – Anniversary, Sales, Merit, & Retirement Achievements
  6. Corporations, Associations, Entrepreneurs & Organizations - Corporate or Organization Awards, Anniversary, or Special Milestones 
  7. Corporations, Organizations, & Entrepreneurs - Corporate Achievements 
  8. Charities & Not For Profit Organizations, Corporations, Associations, Entrepreneurs & Organizations - Management Achievements 
  9. Corporations, Retail - Businesses, Entrepreneurs - Grand Openings 
  10. Corporations, Retail Businesses, Entrepreneurs - Sales Incentive Achievements
  11. Charities & Not For Profit Organizations, Corporations, Associations, Entrepreneurs & Organizations - Awards, Events & Special Recognition 
  12. Corporations, Retail Businesses, Entrepreneurs - Product Launches
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We Create Events and Celebration Journeys For These Top Spiritual-& Faith-Based Groups

Top 10 Spiritual & Faith-Based  Groups

  1. Holy Lands Tours or Religious Commemorative Journey – Sacred Lands Tours for your affiliation & faith
  2. Fellowship Tour to Heritage Sites – Membership tours to faith-based and spiritual heritage destinations.
  3. Missionary and Service Travel to International Destinations – Short term trips to aid sponsored projects
  4. College Graduation Trips  Faith-based and spiritual graduation trips 
  5. Fellowship Tours Membership sponsored trips for pleasure or for aid to sponsored projects 
  6. Fellowship Ocean Cruise to Dream Destinations – Group cruises to Holy Lands & other Itineraries 
  7. Pastoral Renewals and Leader Conferences Leadership conferences & retreats to renew the spirits 
  8. Leaders Conference Cruise Work & Play Agenda – Group Leadership conferences and retreats 
  9. Membership Fundraising River Cruises – Group Travels & Organization receives funding  
  10. Arts Conferences, Music & Instrumental Competitions - Divisional, State, Nationals
Milestone Celebrations are deeply personal and even if you do not know what you want to do, where you want to go, or how you want to celebrate on this special trip, we can help inspire you to choose elements, destinations, types of trips, and key activities that fit you and your style of travel and celebration.
  • If you are not sure where you want to gostart by looking at the suggested itineraries for your particular milestone. These options are designed to stimulate your thoughts about your specific type of milestone you are going to celebrate.
  • You can also peruse the travel by interest itineraries that are designed around passions and styles of travel.
  • Perhaps you already know where you want to go for this very special milestone celebration. In that case you can choose your dream journey itinerary from our travel by destination itineraries.
  • Don’t see what you really want? - That’s definitely okay! We love nothing better than to create a custom itinerary based on what you love to do, your personal style of travel and destinations that will excite your senses and transform your dreams into spectacular memories.
After you have spent some time being inspired by the itineraries that are featured on our site, it’s time to schedule a Creative Planning Session with one of our Milestone Celebration Experts. This is where we will find out more about you and what will make your celebration spectacular. It’s free and it is a very important step in planning your Milestone Celebration Journey.

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