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Professional Milestone Celebrations - Events & Journeys

Professional Groups of All Types Celebrate Prestigious  Milestones, Events & Purposeful Journeys 

These Career Heights Are Worthy Of  Celebrating Gloriously!

Corporate - Small Business - Entrepreneurs

Professional Companies have numerous Milestones and Celebrating them is a very important part of your business. Our Milestone Celebration Experts create,  design, and orchestrate your celebrations meticulously while matching your corporate style perfectly.

Associations - Organizations - Clubs

Social Professional's Milestones have far reaching celebrations that help them build their memberships, create stronger bonds with their members and prospects. Our Milestone Celebration Experts blend your organization's passions with perfect celebration journeys. 

Charities - Not-For-Profits - Fundraising

These very special groups are looking for more unique and focused celebrations for their Milestones. Our Experts design, orchestrate and deliver purposeful celebrations in very creative ways. Whether it's an event in the US or throughout the world, your celebrations will be Glorious!


Types Of Milestone Celebrations We Have Created For Our Professional Clients

Personal Professional Milestones; anniversaries, sales, merit and retirement achievements rewarding individuals.  Corporate or Organization Awards, Anniversary, or Special Milestones rewarding the professional entity. Charity Events & Fund Raising Events, Hosted By Companies & Organizations; celebrate charities and communities. Corporate Achievements; honoring corporations as a whole. Management Achievements; honoring and rewarding principles, executives, and management leaders. Client Appreciation & Achievements; rewarding top clients for their loyalty and support. Grand Openings; showcasing the company and highlighting the community. Sales Incentive Achievements; rewarding top sales teams and individuals for exceeding sales goals and increasing profits. Awards, Events & Special Recognition; rewarding and honoring those who are loyal, excellent clients, potential customers, and the charities they support. Product Launches; honoring companies and the communities they serve. 

Celebration Escapes Has a Dedicated Team of Inspired, Creative and Accredited Specialists Who Will Orchestrate Your Professional Events & Group Journeys to Perfection.

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Types of Professional Groups, for Whom We Create Events and Celebration Journeys

  1. Charities & Not For Profit Organizations 
  2. Corporations
  3. Associations
  4. Organizations
  5. Small Businesses
  6. Retail Businesses
  7. Entrepreneurs
  8. Clubs of All Types
  9. Schools & Universities
  10. Sports Teams
  11. Expatriates
  12. Communities 
  13. Art Galleries
  14. Restaurants & Wine Bars
  15. Artists & Craftsmen
  16. Writers
  17. Actors
  18. Churches & Synagogues
  19. Choirs
  20. Life- Personal - Health  Coaches

Types of Professional Celebrations & Journeys We Create For Our Clients

  1. Events & Fund Raising Campaigns Hosted By Charities, Companies, Associations  & Organizations 
  2. Balls, Galas, & Award Dinners
  3. B2B: (Business to Business) Journeys, Hosted Events & Fundraising  
  4. Client Appreciation & Achievements 
  5. Professional Milestones – Anniversary, Sales, Merit, & Retirement Achievements
  6. Corporate or Organization Awards, Anniversary, or Special Milestones 
  7. Corporate Achievements 
  8. Management Achievements 
  9. Grand Openings 
  10. Sales Incentive Achievements
  11. Awards, Events & Special Recognition 
  12. Product Launches
  13. Spritual & Religious Journeys
  14. Wellness Retreats
  15. Coaching Retreats
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To have a company that focuses on Milestones for Professionals is wonderful. In the past and event was just another hotel meeting room. Celebration Escapes changed all of that and really creates professional milestone journeys and events that are never boring, always exciting, and with plenty of  panache!

- Eric & Olivia

People think companies, organizations, associations, and entrepreneurs just have meetings. Celebration Escapes knows that is not true. They also know that when we do have a meeting included, we also play. Their events and journeys are inspired. They get to know their clients and make every event personal to the entity. Journeys are purposefully orchestrated and insure incredible journeys & events for their clients.

~ Sean & Ellen

Professional Milestone Celebrations have been around for years but Celebration Escapes is the first one to come up with an event planning company that truly focuses on these milestones. Thank You! Now we are enjoying creatively inspired journeys and events that really celebrate our milestones - and they are fun! 

~ Howard 

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