Business To Business River Cruise  Program

A Series Travel Program Designed To Increase Customer & Membership Bases While Adding A Revenue Stream 

Business to Business Series Travel  Program

We designed our “Series Travel Program” for Entrepreneurs, Businesses, Retail Store Owners, Associations, Organizations, Charities and other professional entities who are looking for proven ways to increase their customer and membership base and their loyalty. 

We added an element which helps you generate a whole new revenue stream that can be quite substantial. The results are overwhelming and there is an added benefit of  increasing your client, membership & supporter bases along with better relationships and found money.

Who Will Benefit From Our B2B River Cruise Program?

Celebration Escapes works with Businesses to create more engaged and loyal customers. Our Business to Business Program increases your customer base and your brand awareness. At the same time, this proven program helps business owners create a whole new revenue stream.

Celebration Escapes works with Organizations and Associations to create more engaged and loyal members. Our Business to Business Program with Organizations & Associations  increases your member base and your brand awareness. We help Associations create more engaged and loyal members.

Celebration Escapes works with charities & Not-for-Profits to create more engaged and loyal supporters. Our travel Series Program inspires creative & unique interactive fundraising. It delivers more loyal supporters that really get to know you and your beneficiaries.


Clients Who Have Success With Our River Cruise Program

Culinary & Wine 

  1. Wine Clubs
  2. Wine Bars
  3. Wineries & Vineyards
  4. Wine Stores
  5. Local Restaurants
  6. Cooking Schools
  7. Chefs from restaurants
  8. Culinary Retail Stores (Specialty Food, Spices, Organic, Bakeries, Cooking & Baking Entrepreneurs)
  9. Kitchen Stores
  10. Artists & Art Galleries
  11. Writers & Bloggers
  12. Foreign Language Clubs
  13. Book Clubs
  14. Community Ladies Clubs
  15. Life Coaches

Health & Wellness 

  1. Personal Trainers
  2. Yoga – Pilates – Zumba groups
  3. Fitness Centers
  4. Spas
  5. Nail Salons
  6. Hair Stylists & Salons
  7. Community Ladies Groups
  8. Organic Food Stores
  9. Juice Bars - Smoothie Bars - etc.
  10. Healthy Food Restaurants
  11. Food Clubs
  12. Boutique Stores Selling Health & Wellness Products (food, cosmetics, skin care, herbalists, clothing, crystals, gemstones, candles,soaps,etc.)
  13. Lifestyle Coaches & Mentors

Garden & Community

  1. Florists
  2. Plant & Flower Stores
  3. Garden Clubs
  4. Ladies Community Groups
  5. Landscape Companies
  6. Gardening Associations
  7. Gardening Enthusiasts
  8. Tea Stores
  9. Wedding Consultants
  10. Perfume Clubs and Associations
  11. Orchid Growers
  12. Photographers & Studios
  13. Writers & Bloggers
  14. Community Clubs
  15. Book Clubs
  16. Landscape Architects

Cultural & Historical

  1. Historical Societies
  2. Theaters with Season Ticket holders
  3. Language Clubs and Associations
  4. Art Galleries & Artists
  5. Music Halls with Season Ticket Holders
  6. Ex-pat groups, clubs, and Associations
  7. Photography Studios, clubs and Photographers
  8. Ladies Community Groups
  9. Historical Clubs and Enthusiasts
  10. Chefs & Cooking Enthusiasts
  11. Cooking Schools
  12. Cultural Societies & Clubs

Spiritual - Faith-Based

  1. Churches, Mosques, Synagogues, Temples, Cathedrals, and other faith based Worship Groups
  2. Fellowship Groups
  3. Youth Groups & Ministries
  4. Choirs
  5. Prayer & Bible Study Groups
  6. Religious Writers & Associations
  7. History Clubs & Societies
  8. Ancestry Groups, Clubs and Organizations
  9. Faith-Based Retail Stores
  10. Photographers and Studios
  11. Spiritual Seekers & Life Coaches
  12. Pilgrimage Groups

Three Exciting & Interactive Travel Programs To Choose From. Most Of Our Clients Try Them All After Experiencing The Success Of Their First Campaign.

Client Love!

We own an Art Gallery and we are always looking for ways to see new art and create some interesting events for our clients. Celebration Escapes Travel Program is just wonderful. We host a river cruise trip twice a year to some really great countries where we have access to beautiful art, architecture and beautiful destinations. Our client list has grown and more and more people are joining us for these incredible trips. This program has added some very unique and interesting elements to our business.   

~ Lydia & Kathryn

Our winery is not one of the big ones, it's not even in a famous place. However, our wines are really good and they are being sold in a lot of places. We wanted to build our wine club membership and also get to know clients who we only ship our products to. This Celebration Escapes B2B Travel program has helped us to achieve these goals. The longer we do this the more our clients get involved - word travels- and the more we get to personally interact with our clients the better the circle is. 

 ~ Billy & Rona

We have a wine bar and we just wanted to have fun and travel. Celebration Escapes showed us how we could do all of those things and grow our business at the same time. It has been incredible how the B2B Travel Program has brought us so many more customers but also people who are now good friends. Every time we plan a trip more people sign up to go - It's Awesome!!!

~ Cindy & Peter

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