Celebration Journeys & Events For Professionals



These milestones come in a wide variety of celebrations and we have designed creative and inspired itineraries for these very special Milestone Celebrations.


Professional events are very special and are a big part of the professional face. We orchestrate unique celebration events in the US and throughout the world. 


These events are critical to assist charities, not for profits, and communities in helping those the organizations are passionate to support. We make them spectacular!

Group Travel Program Planning Guide For Professional Group Entities

The following six points will take you step-by-step through planning and organizing a group vacation. But don't worry - our dedicated Milestone Celebration Expert and our groups department is here to help you every step of the way.

Once you've identified your group, it’s time to select a group leader who will liaison with your Milestone Celebration Travel Consultant.

  1. Identify the Celebration or Group Event you want to celebrate.
    1. Prepare some preliminary ideas of what type of celebration journey you want to plan.
  2. Give yourself enough time 
    1. Allow at least 6 to 12 months lead time to plan with Celebration Escapes and for promoting your group trip.
  3. Identify your target market 
    1. To be effective, you must know who you are promoting your group trip to.
    2. There will probably be more than just one group or type of target.
    3. Get creative with this step and plan for additional traveler types.
    4. Expand your target base to reach desired capacities.
  4. Select a Group Leader: 
    1. Pick a person who is at the top of your professional entity.
    2. Someone who will have enough time to work with your travel professional and who will escort the group on the journey.
  5. Understand your Responsibilities As The Group Leader. The group leader is tasked with the duty of assembling the group member's pertinent information for Celebration Escapes
    1. Specifics of the Group Trip
    2. What the group is celebrating
    3. The dates you want to travel.
    4. The broad list of attendees.
    5. Gathering theatendee's contact information.
    6. Attending a Creative Planning Session with the Celebration Escapes Travel Professional. 
    7. All marketing of the trip to the appropriate and anticipated travelers. T
    8. Supplying deposits and payments the professional entity will be responsible for to the Celebration Escapes Travel Professional.
    9. Follow up and coordination of the marketing campaign. a
    10. Updates and approvals for the itinerary details. 
    11. Coordination throughout the planning stage with the Celebration Escapes Travel Professional.
  6. Attend the Creative Planning Session with the Celebration Escapes Travel Professional
    1. Before the session you will want to know and be able to discuss information about the group and the planned journey. Here are some examples of things to know for the session.
    2. What type of group is it? 
    3. Have they traveled together before? 
    4. What types of experiences are they looking for? 
    5. How many will be traveling together? 
    6. When are they looking to travel? 
    7. What is the approximate, professional entity or per person budget?


Identify Your Milestone - Celebration & Target Attendees

(Anyone you want to share your personal or professional milestone celebration with)

Birthdays & Professional Anniversaries:

  • Your core multi-generational family
  • Extended family members
  • Friends of the family
  • Professional Colleagues or friends who will want to share in your celebration.

Professional Retirement:

  • Your core multi-generational family
  • Extended family members
  • Friends of the family
  • Professional Colleagues or friends who will want to share in your celebration.
  • People from Retirement communities and senior centers
  • Social or country clubs memberships
  • Service clubs (Lions, Rotary, etc.) memberships
  • Veteran or military groups
  • Community groups & Organizations



Professional Target Attendees

  • Management – Principles – Officers - Key leaders – Board Members
  • Department Heads – Committiees – Coaches – Trainers - Players
  • Employees - Sub-Contractors
  • Suppliers & Vendors
  • Sales & Other Teams
  • Product Development Team
  • Marketing Departments & Professionals 
  • Clients – Community leaders – local Community – Charities
  • Chapters and Memberships (Local, State, Regional, & National)
  • Supporters – Sponsors - Related Organizations Memberships - Colleagues - Supporters - Sponsors
  • Players & Sports Teams – Actors – Writers – Craftsmen – Other Professionals
  • Social Media Groups - Followers & Trend Setters
  • Prospective Clients, Members, Supporters, & Suppliers

Professional Celebrations To Consider

  • Personal Professional Celebration Journey
  • Personal Professional Milestones - Birthdays, Anniversaries, Retirement
  • Personal Professional Awards & Special Recognition
  • Professional Entity Anniversary & Milestones
  • Charity Events & Fundraising
  • Fundraising For Your Professional Entity
  • Corporate Achievements
  • Management Achievements
  • Client Appreciation & Loyalty Rewards
  • Grand Openings
  • Sales Incentive Achievements
  • Goals Incentive Achievements
  • Professional Entity Awards & Special Recognition
  • Product Launches
  • Annual & Scheduled  Conferences Throughout The Year.
  • Management Retreats & Planning Conferences 


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Personal Professional Milestones

If your celebrating a professional anniversary, now is the time to hire us to create a celebration journey worthy of your special achievement. Some ideas for consideration are an upscale journey to a destination your ancestors hailed from, that trip to another continent you haven’t had time for before, that river cruise you have always dreamed about. You may want to take your family to help you celebrate. 

Corporate Achievements

When your company or organization is receiving a special award. Top executives want to celebrate with a reward event in a unique destination with itineraries that are truly amazing. We can organize your next company award celebration that will be remembered for a life time. Whether you are looking for an award event in the local community with an extended destination rewards trip for your principles, or simply a reward for your company, organization, association or charity’s award; we expertly deliver. 

Grand Openings

Opening new facilities is a special celebration marking the growth of the company or organization. Organizing events and celebrations for principles, key executives, team managers, and critical employees keeps inspiration high and your people motivated. Showing your teams, their contributions have been instrumental in these achievements inspires them to stay on the cutting edge of their work.

Product Launches

Successful product launches are important to any company. Celebrations surrounding these important offerings are just as important to attract clients, reward associates who helped ready the products for launch and to motivate everyone to use your new offerings. We are experts in bringing employees and key leaders to the destination of the launch.

Professional Entity Awards, Anniversary & Milestones

Sometimes the awards are management retreats, strategy journeys, or sales meetings where you desire relaxation and luxury along with your event. Management Retreats are very important to top management of Corporations, Associations, Organizations, Charities, Internal Departments and Sales Teams. 

Management Achievements

Motivating and Rewarding management achievements is very important to a company or organization. We help you create celebrations that keep your team highly motivated and constantly striving to generate more dynamic corporate achievements. Executives who deliver outstanding excellence and improve the organization’s overall performance are key to any company.


Sales Incentive Achievements

Companies and Organizations are constantly endeavoring to increase sales or contributions. Creating sales and marketing incentives and  contests are key to motivating your staff. and building your company. We help you reward these individuals (and often their spouses) with celebration journeys filled with creative events, unique itineraries, and special rewards. People work harder for extra incentives.

Charity Events & Fundraising

Charity Events can come in many varieties and are typically lavish affairs.  For many of these very special charity events, we arrange  celebrity hosted affairs. Some events we have arranged are; a party in an artist gallery, a private musical concert, celebrity workshops where the guests participate in the celebrity’s craft, private parties in celebrity homes and villas, balls at some of the world’s best carnival festivals, river cruises hosted by celebrities and charity officials, private island escapes 

Client Appreciation & Loyalty Rewards

When your company reaches sales milestones and there are a few key clients responsible for helping you achieve those goals, it’s time to celebrate those clients, hosting  special rewards on a Client Appreciation Journey or Event. A castle extravaganza, just one of many types of trips, full of traditional events, games, and activities is a unique and magnificent way to show your appreciation. A trip where the best local wines, whiskeys and beers are enjoyed with meals, and as stand-alone events themselves.


Awards, Events & Special Recognition

If you are giving an award, hosting an event for charity, or sponsoring any special event, we can make these extraordinary. We create unique experiences and events related to an organization’s passion, interest or in destinations that befits the special occasion. Hosting Rooms, Dinners, and Unique Excursions on location at events can do more for a company than you might imagine. Honoring clients at seminars, trade shows, and conferences is a fabulous way to insure your clients are always using your services for their work. 

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