Business To Business River Cruise Program

A Series Travel Program Designed To Increase Customer & Membership Bases While Adding A Revenue Stream 

Business to Business Travel Series Program

We designed our “Series Travel Program” for Entrepreneurs, Businesses, Retail Store Owners, Associations, Organizations, Charities and other professional entities who are looking for proven ways to increase their customer and membership base and their loyalty. 

We added an element which helps you generate a whole new revenue stream that can be quite substantial. The results are overwhelming and there is an added benefit of  increasing your client, membership & supporter bases along with better relationships and found money.


Option # 1: The River Cruise Program

Our River Cruise Program for Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses, Associations, Organizations, Clubs, Charities & Not-For-Profits, is designed to enhance your Entities Exclusively.

  • There is no investment required for you to create a Series Travel Program.
  • There are no contracts required and we aren’t after your database of customers and members.
  • This program helps generate more loyalty and enhance relationships from your customers and members. 
  • You have a unique and interactive marketing program.
  • Your guests experience personal relationship with your company, as well as a fabulous journey.
  • New people are added to your customer, member & supporter bases.
  • As an added bonus, the program adds a new revenue stream to your entity.


  • This River Cruise program lets you select from many destinations and itineraries, all with multiple travel dates and multi-directional travel schedules.
  • You receive group discounted rates, as well as waived single supplements, and combined promotional power to add other promotions on top of your group discounted rates.
  • Only one group travels on each ship so your group gets all the perks.
  • These ships are small intimate vessels designed to allow relationships to form and bonds to develop while traveling to areas everyone is passionate about.
  • Special events, galas, themed balls and other events are all possible on these journeys.
  • You have a captive audience. Presentations about your entity can be held to inform, inspire and commit guests to your entity and it's work.

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Celebration Escapes works with Businesses to create more engaged and loyal customers. Our Business to Business Program increases your customer base and your brand awareness. At the same time, this proven program helps business owners create a whole new revenue stream.

Celebration Escapes works with Organizations and Associations to create more engaged and loyal members. Our Business to Business Program with Organizations & Associations  increases your member base and your brand awareness. We help Associations create more engaged and loyal members.

Celebration Escapes works with charities & Not-for-Profits to create more engaged and loyal supporters. Our travel Series Program inspires creative & unique interactive fundraising. It delivers more loyal supporters that really get to know you and your beneficiaries.


Unlike most other marketing efforts, our program is an interactive campaign.

  • It's exciting for your clients and members and for your entity. 
  • Sponsoring a “Series Travel Program” actually produces a whole new revenue stream that gives you money while you are building customer and member loyalty. 
  • Our Clients tell us all the time how exciting it is to experience these interactive journeys, designed around their passions. To have a growing membership & a check waiting for them when they get home.

Our Series Travel Program is all about customer and membership loyalty. 

  • Our B2B program delivers energetic and engaged customers and members. 
  • At the same time, our program increases your customer and membership base.
  • You will have a very loyal group of customers & members willing to help you bring new clients and members into your organization.
  • The excitement continues...This program also adds a whole new revenue to your bottom line.

Traveling with people of like-minded passions enhances relationships and brand loyalty. 

  • It helps turn customers into friends who will spend more and bring new customers to your business. 
  • It helps turn members into friends who will really spread the word and bring new members into the organization.
  • It helps turn supporters into friends - friends who will bring new supporters to your organization, charity and fundraising campaigns.
Large Groups Don't Have To Stay Inside

A Unique Opportunity To Build & Retain Customer And Membership Allegiance.

  1. Travel The World With Your Customers For FREE
  2. Develop A Community & Create Relationships with Lasting Bonds
  3. Attract & Expand Your Customer or Membership Base
  4. Enjoy Greater Repeat Sales
  5. Expand Your Brand Awareness
  6. Generate A New Revenue Stream

Three Exciting & Interactive Travel Programs To Choose From. Most Of Our Clients Try Them All After Experiencing The Success Of Their First Campaign.

Client Love!

We were skeptical that this program would really give us some free travel, more customers, a growing wine club membership, and money back at the end of the trip. Not anymore! Since we incorporated this program into our marketing and we starting taking these group trips, everything has improved dramatically - and we absolutely LOVE it!

~ Justin & Cameran

Our wine club used to be a hit and miss participation but since we started the Celebration Escapes Travel Programs members are coming to our local events regularly, racing to sign up for the trips, bringing more people and having them join the club.  We've made quite a bit of money back with this program, as promised. Now we take three trips a year - one from each program and the numbers of participants just keeps growing - and so does our rewards. 

~ Dennis & Marlene

Our gardening club used to do an annual flower show, a few luncheons, and some local tours. Now we travel the world, our membership is dramatically higher, people in the community want to join us for the fun and we have more funds in our coffers than ever. Thank you Celebration Escapes for showing us how to improve our club and really make a difference.

~ Carolyn 

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