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Large Group Custom Journeys


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Large Group Custom Tours – These tours are custom designed specifically for your group by Celebration Escapes Expert Travel Consultants.

  1. Designed for groups of any number larger than 20 people.
    1. Coach Transfers can be arranged for group members arriving and departing from the same gateway.
    2. Varied arrival and departure times can be accommodated with transfer companies for smaller group members with different gateways.
    3. Taxi service is available for late arrivals and departures by group members.
  2. These tours are custom designed specifically for your group by Celebration Escapes Expert Travel Consultants.
    1. Multiple Activities and Tours can be arranged simultaneously for flexibility of group members.
    2. At leisure time is included in all itineraries for personal rest and individual relaxation time.
  3. Travel dates totally flexible to match your groups schedule.
  4. Itineraries are designed and hand-crafted to match the specific interests and desires of your group.
  5. Special Events, Galas, Balls, and Banquets can be included
  6. Celebrity Hosted tours available
  7. Celebrity Escorted tours available
  8. Privileged Access Available
  9. Celebrity Events, workshops, expeditions, and more available
  10. Unique Destination Tours and Events available
  11. Conference space and meeting rooms can be included as necessary for the group.
  12. Accommodations are flexible and multiple types of accommodations can be arranged in any itinerary.
  13. Domestic and International Itineraries are available.
  14. Meals can be included or a combination of some included and some at time of service dining is available.
  15. Gratuities can be included or left for the travelers to distribute at the locations.
  16. Travel Insurance is mandatory and it is included in all group packages.
  17. Weddings available on ship prior to departure, at some ports of call on the cruise (arrangements must be made prior to departure)
  18. No potential for Fundraising

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