Reunions Are Milestones That Reconnect & Strengthen Bonds

Your next milestone reunion should be one you Celebrate Gloriously!


Let's Celebrate Reunion Milestones 

Reunions reconnect us with those we love, we have lost contact with and those we never want to lose connections with again.

Nothing creates as close a bond as reconnecting with old friends or family.  Our society has been spreading out and people we love have settled throughout the world. There has never been a more perfect time to begin annual reunions where everyone can unite and celebrate with each other.
Celebration Escapes is dedicated to helping people find unique ways to reconnect with each other with travel. Travel is the perfect way to renew old bonds, create stronger relationships and more real connections. We understand how the human spirit longs for the renewal and rejuvenation that is found when we spend time with those we hold dear. We know what reconnecting after years of separation can do for our hearts.
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Reunion Celebrations Bring Everyone Closer Together. 

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Top 10 Reunion Celebration Journeys

  1. Luxury Reunion Ocean Cruise for Families, Classes or Organizations
  2. Family Reunions in Ancestral Destinations
  3. River Cruises (destinations throughout the world)
  4. All-Inclusive Resorts in the Caribbean
  5. Disney Adventure Tour or Cruise
  6. Girlfriend Spa and Wellness Escape
  7. Holy Land Tour or Religious Commemorative
  8. Safari in Africa or Sir Lanka
  9. Hawaii Adventure
  10. Alaska Cruise

Why Reunions Are So Important To Peoples Lives

Reunion Milestones are a wonderful way to reconnect with old friends from your youth. High School and College Reunions are very important to people when they realize just how fast the time has gone by and how many people they have lost contact with. In today’s world with all of the technology, social media sites, and the reunion committees able to do a far better job of capturing current contact and data information from their alumni . That does help to keep  people better connected. However, it also creates an even greater desire to physically connect and really catch up, as well as revisit those good ole days when everyone was full of plans and life was stretching out before them. Now it’s time to celebrate those past memories and move forward with new memories and to keep connected from now on.

There is also a very big trend in our world today; one that has been gaining momentum and growing rapidly throughout the country. That is Family Reunions.  People have been moving out of their home towns in record numbers for a long time now. There are many families and friends that have been separated due to work, school, marriage, and many other reasons. Milestone Celebration Reunions are the perfect way to get the families together once a year to stay connected and strengthen family bonds.

So whether it’s a Multi-generational Family reunion of just your immediate family or a larger reunion to include the whole extended family, Reunion Celebration Journeys are rapidly becoming the best way to celebrate your families, while generating memories everyone will cherish throughout their lives.

Other reunion groups are also on the rise, such as College Girlfriends, Sports Teams, Clubs of all kinds,  Groups with the same passions and interests who are spread throughout the country or world, retirees that all worked together who now have time to reconnect…The list is endless and people all over the world are realizing these reunions are definitely Milestones that enrich their lives in very special ways .

Mult-generational families are connecting as never before! The anticipation of joining everyone in a special destination, to experience new taste sensations, invigorating activities together, and the simple act of bonding with each other creates moments whole families will never forget. Annual family reunions once or twice a year are rejuvenating and inspiring family experiences.

Take some time to peruse the itineraries in the departments below to find the perfect celebration for your Birthday. Or, just get inspired and allow these examples to create dreams about the perfect destination for your Milestone Celebration.


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Client Love!

For our 40th Class reunion we went to Celebration Escapes to plan a reunion cruise. They went beyond expectations. They handled all of our group members, held events to promote and excite our alumni and executed the trip before during and after with expert precision. The special elements they included for our group was amazing. This reunion will never be forgotten. We're going to do it every year now! 

~ Hazelwood Class Reunion Committee

Our family has been moving around and spreading out every since the children began marrying and having their babies. We wanted to create an annual Multi-generational family reunion where we could all be together at least once a year. Celebration Escapes showed us how to do it. Now they create all of our annual reunion trips and our family loves how they transformed our lives!

~ The Parsons Family

High School Class Reunions used to be so boring. Many alumni quit showing up and we wanted to change that. We hired Celebration Escapes to create unique reunion trips that would excite and unite our group every year. Now we have a large majority of alumni that participate every year. Pamala & her Team are fabulous!

~ Southland Reunion Committee