Retirement Milestones Are Truly Special 

Your Retirement Milestone Is Definitely One To Celebrate Gloriously!

Let's Celebrate Retirement Milestones 

Retirements are really special milestones where extraordinary celebrations are called for to properly reward ourselves for our professional accomplishments.

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Retirements Are One Of The Most Special Milestones We Celebrate. 

Retirement is a time to mark our life-long work accomplishments and to reap the rewards of those successes. This is a time for your family, co-workers and friends to celebrate your professional life. What better way to celebrate this Retirement Milestone, than to journey to a place you have dreamed of going throughout your working life.

After all of these long years of your career being one of the most important influences in your life, it’s now time to replace those work days with other experiences that you have not had the time to explore or cultivate during your professional career. It’s a time for celebration, first and foremost. It’s a time of transition from one life style to another. A new lifestyle is emerging and it can be as full and exciting as all of those years as a working professional.

To get your new lifestyle started out perfectly and to celebrate your change to a more personal focus, it’s time to reward yourself for all of your hard work, and to celebrate your achievements with a Retirement Celebration Journey.



Top 10 Retirement Celebration Journeys:

  1. World Cruise 
  2. Grand European Journey
  3. Australia & New Zeland Escape
  4. Fiji and French Polynesia 
  5. Grand Combined River Cruises Through Europe 
  6. The Ultimate Asia Journey 
  7. Safari in Africa or Sir Lanka
  8. Expeditions to Scandinavia, Galapagos Islands, The Amazon…
  9. South American Culinary and Wine journeys
  10. Holy Land Tour or Religious Commemorative
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It’s time to ease into a new lifestyle. Start by going somewhere and doing things you have never had time for but have always dreamed about experiencing.

Now that you have time to spend on a travel adventure, and you have probably saved over the years for this special time in your life, it’s time to have all of those experiences you have been putting off for so many years. A Retirement Milestone is one of the biggest milestones you will celebrate in your life. For some of you it will be the beginning of a new lifestyle filled with regular travel journeys. For others, it will be the celebration that marks your achievement and sets up a more relaxed lifestyle. While still other people will celebrate the change in their lives as a grand celebration of reaching this milestone.

Whether it’s a World Cruise (or several connected segments of the world cruises), An expedition or safari, an immersion into a country you have long wanted to explore, or an extended trip through a continent that has always fascinated you, now is the time to start your new life experiences. No matter how your retirement is kicked off, it should be marked with something extraordinary, unique, and unprecedented in your life to date. Everyone has had dreams over the years of what they want to do and how they want to celebrate their retirement. Tell us about your dreams and we will turn them into spectacular precious memories. 

At Celebration Escapes, we don’t want you to just see the world, we want your trip to be a Magical Celebration. We will create a luxury celebration travel experience that exceeds your expectations and delivers unforgettable journeys to magnificent destinations. It all starts with your dreams. We transform them into celebrated memories. Take some time to peruse the itineraries in the departments below to find the perfect celebration for your Retirement. Or, just get inspired and allow these examples to create dreams about the perfect destination for your Milestone Celebration.


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Client Love!

We saved all of our working life for a world cruise when we retired. Pamala understood what these dreams were and how much this trip meant to us. She not only booked the cruise, she crafted in experiences along the way that added so much to the destinations. This was the most amazing trip we have ever taken and all of our dreams came true.

~ Elizabeth & Daniel

An African Safari was always on our list to travel to but we never had enough time until we retired. Celebration Escapes planned an extraordinary journey for us that exceeded all of our dreams. We will never forget this trip because of our spectacular memories.

~Barbara & William

We wanted to experience Australia but we wanted to do it when we had enough time to make the trip special. When we retired, we asked Pamala to craft this very special journey. It was beyond our wildest dreams and the most magnificent trip she has ever planned for us. 

~  Gordon & Sandra