Personal Anniversary Milestone Celebrations

Let us show you how we turn your dream trip into a spectacular “Celebration Journey”  

Personal Anniversaries celebrate our progress through life as a couple. Our Anniversary Milestones, brightened with  special moments we will always remember.

What a very special celebration,  Anniversary  Milestones are to us. When we reach significant anniversary milestones, we want to celebrate and celebrate we should! Celebration Journeys is one of our most favorite ways to reward ourselves and celebrate our achievements in style. Whether you want to celebrate with a romantic themed itinerary, one of cultural and historic elements, an expedition to a unique destination,  an ocean or river cruise to see multiple destinations, or a grand celebration with the whole family… The Anniversary Milestone Journeys mark your personal achievements in a special way.

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Because we believe your milestone celebrations deserves the best travel journey the world has to offer, Celebration Escapes creates luxury experiences just for you.

At Celebration Escapes we cherish anniversaries as the ultimate time for a reward. Not just any reward but a reward that celebrates this extraordinary milestone with extraordinary journeys that are deeply personal to the couple, the family, or friends celebrating with them.


Anniversaries Celebrate You

Anniversaries mark our progress through married life. Whether it is a wedding Anniversary Milestone that is special just to the couple, or an Anniversary Milestone that is really a special achievement to reach; these are points in our lives that need to be celebrated gloriously!

Often the couple wants to go alone, enjoying a more romantic celebration of their milestone accomplishment. Particularly as the years start to mount, couples like to travel with their friends selecting more cultural explorations and destinations that are interesting to the group. For those very special Anniversary Milestones, families often want to be involved to make these incredible Anniversary Milestones an extraordinary celebration of love.

No matter how you want to show your style and celebrate these Anniversary Milestones, Celebration Escapes has a long history of creating fabulous Anniversary Milestone Celebration Journeys that will never be forgotten and make your celebrations extraordinary, as we transform your dreams for these celebrations into spectacular memories you will cherish for a life time.

These anniversaries are our celebrations of a life together and they deserve special rewards. These can be intimate between you and your partner, or grand celebrations with all of those who love you and want to mark your Milestone Achievement. How you choose to celebrate your Anniversary Milestone is just as personal as where you want to go for this very special journey.

Top 10 Anniversary Journeys

  1. A World Cruise (or partial Liner or Segment Cruise)
  2. Safari in Africa Thailand or Sri Lanka
  3. Romantic Custom Itinerary in Fiji, Australia or New Zealand
  4. Holy Land Tour or Religious Commemorative
  5. River Cruise through China, Russia or Europe
  6. International Family Celebration in Ancestral Destination
  7. Romantic Anniversary in Paris, Venice or Tahiti
  8. Culinary & Wine Tour in Europe with Celebrity Chefs
  9. Luxury Mediterranean, Asia or South America Cruise
  10. Customized Private Touring through the Orient, Peru or Italy  
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Our Experiences Are To Savor

Our clients have savored Argentina’s best Malbacs, France’s famous champagnes & wines, Scotland’s premium aged whisky, and hundreds of Belgium's locally brewed beers . They have slept in Tree houses in South Africa, Luxury Tent's on Safari, Celebrity Hosted Villas on multiple continents, Castles throughout Europe, Renowned Resorts on Private Islands and Over-water Bungalows in the South Pacific.

They have experienced Interactive Workshops in Private Studios with renowned painters throughout Europe, Mask Makers, in Venice,  Iconic Porcelain Painting in Amsteram, and Dance classes from the waltz in Vienna to the Marinera Norteña in Peru.

Let's not forget about the shopping...From Celebrated Designer Escorted Shopping in New York, Milan, Paris and London, to Morocco’s souks searching for treasures with local shopping experts.

Hiking across England, the most remote parts of the Great Wall in China, treking the Inca Trail in Machu Picchu, and spirited explorations in Tibet and Nepal.

Our clients have sailed the world's greatest rivers on luxury ships, walked with lions at their wedding, and celebrated precious milestones in luxury with zebras on the plains of Africa.

What's Your Dream? Everybody Has  A Dream.

Let Us Help You Turn Your Dreams Into Spectacular Memories.


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Client Love!

Our 10 year Anniversary was one we had looked forward to since we got married. We knew where we wanted to go but not what we could really do there. Pamala crafted a Milestone Celebration Journey that exceed every dream we had about the trip. Our dreams turned into really special memories. 

~ Danielle & William

Our whole family wanted to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary with us . Celebration Escapes planned a week-long trip that had us all together, celebrating every day in so many special ways. None of us will every forget what we experienced on this milestone celebration journey.

~ Gloria & James

Every 5 years Pamala plans a special Milestone Anniversary trip for us. It started with our wedding and honeymoon and now it's a part of how we celebrate our love. She's amazing and every trip is unique and full of purpose and delightful surprises.

~ John & Debbie