Graduations  Are Milestones That Change Our Lives Forever 

Your Graduation Celebration should be one you Celebrate Gloriously!


Let's Celebrate Graduation Milestones 

Graduations start the next chapters in our lives. This is a time of transformation and arrival. Celebrate this special milestone with a Grand Celebration Journey.

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Graduations are one of the most exciting milestones we reach as young people. Often this is the biggest event in our lives so far. It is also a time of transformation. Family’s lives change forever and so does the life of the graduate.  What better time to really celebrate your arrival. For many families this can be the last time the whole family can travel together for some time, it’s the perfect time for a Milestone Celebration Trip.


Top  Graduation Celebrations

  1. African Safari with Fellow Graduates or Family
  2. Luxury Cruise for the Whole Family
  3. Family Trip to Europe, Australia or Hawaii
  4. Family River Cruise to the Orient, Russia or Europe
  5. Graduates European Summer Fling
  6. Graduates Live Aboard Dive Experience
  7. International Family Escape to see Relatives
  8. Graduates Adventure to Costa Rica, Peru or Mexico
  9. Family All-Inclusive Resort Trip to the Caribbean
  10. Girlfriend Graduates Pairs Adventure
  11. Family Holy Land Journey

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Client Love!

When our daughter graduated from high school, we knew our family would be changing. We wanted a last trip together as a family before schedules prevented it. Celebration Escapes organized an incredible graduation trip that we will always remember.

~ Maggie & Paul

My friends who were all in French Club together wanted to take a special graduation trip to France. Pamala planned and managed our group so well and the trip she designed was more than we hoped for. None of us will ever forget this very special trip!

~ Anne, Kristen, Paul, George, Tiffany, Gregg, Candice & Tom

Our girls were graduating from high school and they wanted to plan a trip to Mexico together. They were all too young to book rooms at the resorts alone. So, Pamala planned a whole trip that included Parents and graduates and arranged the trip so that the girls felt like they were on a trip alone and the parents felt like they were on vacation. The details were difficult to manage but Celebration Escapes managed it all and we just went on the trip and enjoyed what she produced.

~The Simons, The Reynolds, The Gleasons, The Daniels, The Edwards, The Morgans, The Cranstons, & The Andersons