Milestone Celebrations

Let us show you how we turn your dream trip into a spectacular “Celebration Journey”  


Celebration Escapes Is A Premier Luxury Travel Company Dedicated To Your Milestone Celebrations

For over 20 years we have focused on Milestone Celebrations. We orchestrate journeys throughout the world for leisure travelers and professional organizations.

We love everything about travel and we know how to orchestrate journeys that ignite your senses. Our professional consultants are accredited and certified specialists for destinations and types of travel all over the world.  We love enhancing your celebrations with spectacular innovating journeys and unique experiences.

Our discerning clients desire privileged access and unique customized experiences to celebrate life’s most cherished milestones.

Because we believe your milestone celebrations deserves the best travel journey the world has to offer, Celebration Escapes creates luxury experiences just for you.

Our Journeys Touch Your Senses

  • Where your mouth waters with delight as you taste the delicacies created by extraodinary chefs and savor wines from amazing destinations.
  • You can smell the salty air as you basque in the sun on your own private island, while dipping your toes in the refreshing, coo; surf.
  • You feel the rush of excitement as you discover that ancient civilization or tackle that next exotic river.
  • You stand in awe before a panoramic view of magnificent landscapes or ancient majestic cities.
  • You touch exotic fabrics, smell the aromas of mystic markets, and hear the music of enchanted lands.
  • While on safari, you hear the calls of exotic birds, the wildlife stirring just beyond your view as you doze lazily in luxury tents and tree houses. 
  • Your imagination soars as you wander through villages, towns and cites hundreds of years old.
  • Experiencing the exhilaration of hiking to majestic waterfalls, hearing the thunder of their explosion into the pools far below and standing in awe of their mystical power.
  • Your senses are buzzing with delight as you celebrate your life in exotic places the world has to share with you.

Our Services Travel With You

  1. Our Expert Travel Consultants Specialize in Luxury Experiences.
  2. Creative and Inspired Itineraries Are Designed Purposefully Just for You.
  3. We Arrange Privileged Access to Cultural Sites, with Special Services and Unique  Inclusions, Typically Unavailable to Many Travelers.
  4. We Orchestrate VIP Experiences with Celebrated Hosts, and Private Experiences with Famous People Who Influence Cultural Progress On Location, Exclusively for Our Clients.
  5. We Deliver the Unusual, Unique, Inspirational, and Most Enticing & Interactive Experiences ; All Inspired By Your Dreams.
  6. You Are Always Connected - Local Experts in the Destination Are at Your Command While in Country, Celebration Escapes is With You Every Step of the Way.
  7. You Always Have Total Peace of Mind – the Knowledge that Every Aspect of Your Journey is Being Expertly Orchestrated, Down to the Smallest Detail.
  8. We Insure Your Precious Time – We Manage All of the  Details and  Arrangements - You Don't Have to Lift a Finger.
  9. You Receive Ultimate Luxury Journeys with a Blend of Special Pricing, Unexpected Extras, and Valuable Amenities.

Our Experiences Are To Savor

Our clients have savored Argentina’s best Malbacs, France’s famous champagnes & wines, Scotland’s premium aged whisky, and hundreds of Belgium's locally brewed beers . They have slept in Tree houses in South Africa, Luxury Tent's on Safari, Celebrity Hosted Villas on multiple continents, Castles throughout Europe, Renowned Resorts on Private Islands and Over-water Bungalows in the South Pacific.

They have experienced Interactive Workshops in Private Studios with renowned painters throughout Europe, Mask Makers, in Venice,  Iconic Porcelain Painting in Amsteram, and Dance classes from the waltz in Vienna to the Marinera Norteña in Peru.

Let's not forget about the shopping...From Celebrated Designer Escorted Shopping in New York, Milan, Paris and London, to Morocco’s souks searching for treasures with local shopping experts.

Hiking across England, the most remote parts of the Great Wall in China, treking the Inca Trail in Machu Picchu, and spirited explorations in Tibet and Nepal.

Our clients have sailed the world's greatest rivers on luxury ships, walked with lions at their wedding, and celebrated precious milestones in luxury with zebras on the plains of Africa.

What's Your Dream? Everybody Has  A Dream.

Let Us Help You Turn Your Dreams Into Spectacular Memories.


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Client Love!

We never knew there was a company that specialized in Milestone Celebrations. Now that we found Pamala and her company we always use them for our special milestones. Then we found out that we don't want to  travel without them for all of our journeys and celebrations.  

~  Cynthia & Mark

The special elements Pamala adds into every milestone journey and event she plans for us is unbelievable. She adds details we would have never thought of and they make all the difference in our celebrations.

~ Nancy & Charles

It is so great to have a company that really understands a milestone event. Who it's about, who wants to attend, what makes it special, and what the client's style is, affects everything - Pamala gets it!

~ Nita & Arnold