Our Experiences Are To Savor

Unique & Unusual Experiences To Savor Now And Ignite Again With Your Memories!

Our Experiences Are To Savor For A Lifetime

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Our Experiences Are To Savor

As a client of Celebration Escapes, your senses are buzzing with delight as you celebrate your life in exotic places, with unquestionably unique experiences in dramatic destinations the world has to share with you.

Where your group watches a private ballet; exquisite movements timed to dreamy melodies, with the sea as a backdrop and a movement all it's own. The occasion invites you to sip champagne, and be mesmerized as the choreography delights all who are lucky enough to be present.


You arrive at the chef's market in the wee hours of the morning to select the items for your culinary experience. The celebrity chef's delft touches teaches you how to select the ingredients for his menu and the accompaniments to perfectly match your main course selections. With your celebrity chef, you learn how to prepare your meal like a gourmet chef. You hear stories, and tips, and watch as the master shows you how to cook like a gourmet chef. On the terrace overlooking the river, you enjoy this meal with your chef and the wonderful wines paired with the menu. It's an intimate day you will always savor.


You can smell the salty air as you basque in the sun on your own private island, while surrounded by local dancers swaying to the orchestra of musicians with native instruments. As the dancers perform a series of traditional feast dances, the feast is brought  to the beach where you feast on exquisite local delicacies and south sea cocktails.  This private festival continues into the night with plenty of time for a refreshing dip in the ocean and laying in the sun  or beneath your personal open tent.


You're meandering through the exotic markets, touching exotic fabrics, the local pottery, and the leathers fresh from the tanneries. You drink in the aromas of mystic spices, and hear the music  in the background enticing you to purchase something from this enchanted land. Later you arrive at the luxurious Bedouin Oasis in the caramel sands of the desert for a night of feasting, dancing and exotic music. But first you will dress in traditional costumes and head off on a royal camel walk around the camp. Later you smell the intoxicating aromas of the meal and hear the music beckoning you to enjoy this delicious experience. 


You feel the rush of excitement as you discover the thrill of Highland games brought to life with a full cast of traditionally costumed competitors. The feast on the castle grounds is laid out with food fit for royalty and wine and ale flow with ease as your private Scottish event unfolds. After the conclusion of the games and the dinner, the bagpipes herald the whiskey tasting and a very special troupe of musicians and actors to complete your group's extraordinary Highland experience.

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In Vienna, you are treated like royalty as you are welcomed to a rare experience meeting the Lipizon Stallions in their paddocks. You hear their stories, how long they have to train and visit their private costume house where their saddles and gear are waiting for their performance. You are ushered into a private salon for tea while you await the stallions arrival in the arena. As you wait in excited anticipation, their arrival is more spectacular than you imagined. The precision and the spectacle of these stallions is magnificent - and this is just their practice performance. Afterwards you pose for photos with the horses and the riders and savor the moments of this very unique equestrian event. 


While on safari, of course on your special milestone day, you are surprised on your morning drive when you think you are returning to the lodge for lunch when you see a magnificent table set on the plain in full view of the zebra herd grazing in front of you. Imagine your delight when you realize that a celebrity chef has joined you and has prepared a very special milestone celebration luncheon with wine pairings and a really special desert. Lunch on the plain with the zebras, chatting with the celebrity chef and exchanging stories about food, safari, your photographs, and all the amazing experiences this celebration journey is presenting.


In India, you are a special guest of the Royal Family of Jaipur. You are delighted with the cultural exchange you are having with them in the palace, as you sip tea and share stories from your countries. Afterwards, you stroll with them to the Rambagh Palace Polo Grounds for a polo match like you've never seen before. As the magnificently decorated elephants take the field, you are enthralled. These powerful beasts charm you with their abilities and skill with the game of polo. 

Client Love!

Pamala doesn't just plan a trip, she orchestrates a journey that delivers in depth experiences and unique elements into each site we visit. We will never travel without Celebration Escapes planning it again.

~ Belinda & Michael

Savoring an experience means special touches, unique elements and deliberate itineraries that immerse you into the destinations. We learned that when we started using Celebration Escapes for our travel planning.

~ Roseann & Michael

What Pamala crafts into our journeys is a real work of art - our experiences are always unique. She knows the destinations and so many things that are not on the usual tourist itinerary. We can't wait to see what she has in store for us on every trip. 

~ Dotti & Sheldon