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What You Need To Know Up-Front About Custom Trips

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Custom Travel Planning

Custom Travel Planning Takes time and has an extensive amount of collaboration with local on-site professionals, suppliers, and other related entities involved in a custom journey. The process involves a commitment between you the client, and Celebration Escapes Travel Consultants. Even though we are paid a commission from certain suppliers for actually booking the trip, there is no compensation for the time invested by your Travel Consultant in designing, creating, coordinating, orchestrating and delivering a final Itinerary for your trip.

All Customized Itineraries

For all customized itineraries, after the Creative Planning Session has completed, Celebration Escapes requires an upfront trip commitment fee of $500.00. This fee is non refundable but applicable to your final invoice. This fee confirms our commitment to the traveler to work within requested guidelines and budgets as agreed before the planning of a trip starts.

This assures us that you are committed to a collaborative process throughout the property selection and itinerary design stages of building your experience. A collaborative process with us will result in an itinerary that exceeds your needs, interest, requests and requirements. You will be delighted when your dreams transform into spectacular memories. 

If you decide that you do not want to travel or your plans change and you can’t book the trip, Celebration Escapes will keep the commitment fee for time spent on developing the itinerary and working with the suppliers for the trip.

If You Move Forward With Your Journey

If you move forward and book your trip, the Commitment Fee will be applied to your final payment. Celebration Escapes will not charge you an additional fee for the development work but instead, apply the payment for the commitment fee to your trip.

Celebration Escapes charges a Management Fee for all trips

For Couples and groups of  four, we charge a $50.00 management fee per person.

For Groups of five– ten, we charge a $55.00 management fee per person.

For Groups of eleven -thirty persons, we charge a $60.00 management fee per person.

For Groups of thirty-one – fifty, we charge a $65.00 management fee per person.

For Groups over fifty persons, we charge a $70.00 management fee per person.

NOTE: For Groups

Management fees for groups may be added to the per person itinerary costs and paid by the individuals or for companies, associations, organizations, and charities, they may also be paid by the group entity and not passed along to the individual members of  the group. 

Custom Travel Planning For Professional Entities

Fees are charged for professional services just as you would pay any professional consultant for their expertise and advice. Fees range depending upon the number of people in the group, the number of hours required to design, collaborate with suppliers in country, create itineraries, and execute a program. Fees start at $350.00 and the Maximum Design Fee is $1,000.00.

The Travel Consultant will Hold a Complimentary Creative Planning Session with the Management of the Corporation, Organization, Association, or Charity to determine the exact desires for the group travel. We will discuss all of the details involved in the trip, destinations, type of trip, inclusions, elements and budget. At the end of the complimentary 30 minute session, the Travel Consultant will have enough information to begin the travel planning process.

Management Fees For Supplier Pre-Arranged Group Tours, Ocean & River Cruises, and other Non-Customized Travel Planning and Booking

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Fees are charged for professional services just as you would pay any professional consultant for their expertise and advice. Fees range depending upon the number of people in the group.

Celebration Escapes charges a Management Fee for managing all trips. For Couples and groups of  four, we charge a $50.00 management fee per person. For Groups of 5-10, we charge a $55.00 management fee per person. For Groups of 11-30 persons, we charge a 60.00 management fee per person. For Groups of 30-50, we charge a $65.00 management fee per person. For Groups over 50 persons, we charge a $70.00 management fee per person.

Air Services & Passports


Personalized Air Services
Looking to apply your mileage rewards or member benefits in that hard-to-reach part of the world? Don’t let the airlines keep you on hold. Contact Celebration Escapes Air Specialists to save time and, more importantly, your peace of mind.

Fees for Purchased Tickets
Actual fees may vary slightly due to specific nature of the service you request. Please contact our Air Specialists for a quote.

ndividual/Couple: $40 per person
Family (4 or more): $125 total

Individual/Couple: $50 per person
Family (4 or more): $150 total


2 for 1: $220 per couple

Fees for Frequent Flyer Tickets (Free or Upgrade):
Domestic: $125 per person
International: $150 per person


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We Handle Everything So You Don't Have To...

Visa Services


We help expedite Visas and other documentation necessary for your International Travel Journeys

We have partnered with International Visa Services, who are the experts in this area of the vast travel industry, to assist our valuable clients with their Visa needs. Different countries have various rules and requirements for US passport holders traveling in their countries. IVS helps us insure our clients are completely legal and they have access to travel wherever our custom itineraries and travel packages take them .

Our Partner - International Visa Services

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We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and personal attention to your Visa needs.For more than two decade, we've been a trusted partner of businesses and individuals and have handled thousands of travelers' vital documents with speed and care. Let us help get you there!

We assist our customer’s visa processing with Professional, reliable and expert customer service. Providing correct & updated Visa requirements. Guaranteed accuracy, security and privacy of your documents. Procurement of visas on behalf of customers. No need to stand in line, we do the waiting for you. Convenience to track the status of your visa application online. 

Other Travel Services


Luggage Transport Services

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Celebration Escapes is dedicated to insuring that all of your travel needs are considered and well orchestrated throughout your journey. 

With airline luggage fees skyrocketing and restrictions placed on the number of items you can take along with you, it is difficult for travelers who are moving around a lot or are on extended travel schedules. 

With custom itineraries, multiple destinations, extended time in countries and on the trip as a whole, our clients want to have all the things they need with them...They just don't want to have to manage it all while traveling through airports, train stations, and ferries.

We include an option for shipping your luggage to your hotel, cruise ship, and ferries. We also arrange for luggage to move with you through multiple destinations, so when you arrive, your luggage is waiting for you. 

Suitcases, Bicycles, Ski Equipment, Golf Clubs, Photography Equipment, and more...

No hassles, No extra airline charges, No managing bags through crowded spaces, and No worries - Your luggage is already waiting for your arrival.

Luggage Free Luggage Shipping Services

To that end, we have partnered with the absolute best luggage service, Luggage-Free. They transport everything you will need for your trip, anywhere in the world it needs to go to meet you. 

Luggage Free is a specialty service offering travelers the ability to ship luggage ahead to any destination worldwide, allowing them the ability to avoid the inconvenience of carrying, checking and claiming luggage – even going through customs.

Their luggage shipping service is guaranteed, allowing the traveler to avoid unnecessary aggravation and save time – safely and in style.

When you're ready to return home, they will pick up your luggage where you are and ship it back to your home. Easy, and worry-free. 

You don't have to worry about all of those lovely remembrances you purchased throughout your journey. They can all be shipped directly to your home. 

A white Glove Worldwide Luggage Service That Makes A Vacation More Like A Vacation

We were created to specialize in nothing other than shipping. The result is our innate ability to focus on nothing other than you and your shipment.

Relax, when you ship it with us, we guarantee it will arrive on time or there will be no charge and will give you up to $500 per bag to make it right.  It's the best luggage shipping guarantee in the world, period!

With an on time delivery rate far greater than the airlines, Luggage Free provides you $1000 of coverage on each shipment with the ability to purchase more, with no limit. ...It's the best way to ship a suitcase.

You might be surprised at how much money you can save shipping luggage with Luggage Free.  The exact variance will fluctuate based on a few factors, but almost everyone who sends luggage ahead will save money with Luggage Free.

"None of these services could top New York's Luggage Free, which seemed to grasp the concept that if you're paying for a premium service, you want premium service..."
                          -The Wall Street Journal

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World Wide Pet Transport Services

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Celebration Escapes is passionate about the safety of all travelers, especially our pets! 

With airline pet transport fees skyrocketing and restrictions placed on how animals can be transported on commercial airlines, and so many of certain breeds dying in flight, we are committed to your pet's safe travel.

We have partnered with World Wide Pet Transport, who are the absolute best animal pet transport company. They know all the rules, regulations, which airlines are best for what animals, quarantine issues, passports, immunizations and proper documentation for your pet's travel.

Snub-nosed pets are particularly vulnerable to airline travel and it takes an expert to coordinate with the appropriate airlines, the time of year they can travel, and what they need during flight. 

You want to have the very best for your pet's travel, to insure they can participate fully with you in the destinations. 

No hassles, No extra airline charges, No problems when they arrive in country, and No worries - Your pets will be delivered to you promptly at your in-country location.


Relocating your pets internationally can be a complicated process requiring extensive knowledge of both import and export requirements.

Factors such as veterinary documentation, quarantine regulations, flight availability and restrictions, flight kennel requirements, timing, and boarding can make it a daunting task for any pet owner to overcome.

The knowledgeable staff at World Wide Pet Transport can simplify this process so you can focus on the many other things that are involved in a household relocation, vacation, or extended foreign travel.

We are passionate about your pet’s safety, and your peace of mind!

Our company was established in 1975 when moving with pets was not an industry. Our main concern then and still today, is moving the family pets with care and minimal amount of stress to both the pets entrusted to our care and the pet owner.

No matter what your destination is, we offer the fastest, safest, solution to your pet travel needs.

Pickup & Delivered: World Wide Pet Transport provides pickup and delivery of your pet between your residence and airports.

Health Documents: We arrange any and all required veterinary services and health documentation for domestic and global destinations.

Flight Kennels: We supply USDA and IATA compliant flight kennels of various sizes to accommodate any type of  pet.

Trip Logistics: We coordinate all airline routing and make reservations on the most direct flights.

Boarding Available: We provide boarding if requested or required for the trip.

Permits & Customs Clearance: We apply for import permits and transmit permits when required. Also very important – we provide customs clearance in the U.S. and abroad.

USDA Endorsements: We arrange for USDA endorsement and consular legalization of documents.

Quarantine Needed? World Wide Pet Transport can arrange quarantine if required.

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