What's This Creative Planning Session - Why Do I Need It?

A Fun Interactive Session Critical To Your Celebration's Success!

Creating Celebrations for life’s precious milestone events is my specialty.  I believe, whether you’re planning an intimate celebration or grand celebration with your family & friends or for companies, organizations or charities; every milestone you celebrate should be celebrated gloriously!

I expertly orchestrate unique luxury journeys throughout the world; creative itineraries, privileged access, enriching experiences and unparalleled amenities for every journey I design for you.

I take the time to get to know you and your dreams. I design your itinerary with spectacular destinations and extraordinary experiences and I orchestrate each detail of your trip with genuine passion and excitement. I love helping you celebrate your life!

I am  a Certified Accredited Travel Agent  with more than 20 years in the industry - Certified Specialist for 15 Countries - Certified Luxury Specialist for  the top 3 River Cruise Lines, Top 5 Ocean Cruise Lines and with Most Tourist Bureaus in the world. I have personal relationships with Tour Companies, Destination Management Companies and Local Experts on the ground in destinations around the world.

I can't wait to get to know you and help you celebrate your next cherished milestone.

A creative Planning Session is a complimentary 30 minute journey planning session designed so that not only will we get to know each other, we will be able to get to the heart of what you want for your trip. Whether it is for a Milestone Celebration, an Annual Vacation, A Group Trip, or a B2B Event Journey; This is the most important step you need to take to plan your next journey.

In this session we will define your travel budget, focus on your dreams, desires and must have inclusions.

This is your time to ask questions, give us your ideas, talk about your dream trips and your passions. Discussions will revolve around your personal travel style, your passions and interests, and of course, the logistics of your travel plans.

Together, we will preview ideas and options for your celebration. Your Travel Consultant will offer advice on many areas of the planning and present options and elements for your consideration.

One of the most important sections of this session is devoted to the Budget. You will already have some type of number in mind for your trip. However, it is important that your budget matches your desires. Therefore, we will discuss and plan a realistic budget for your trip based on all of the elements you wish to include. At the end of the session we will have arrived at a realistic travel budget that you can live with for your travel plans.

Once we agree on a realistic budget, and many of the particulars of your trip. Our Travel Consultants will be able to give you some preliminary estimates of the costs for your journey. 

At the end of this session our experts will have most of what we need to be able to design the perfect itinerary to match exactly what you want with experience for your journey. 

And then, our experts begin the design process to Transform Your Dreams into Incredible Memories.


How is the session held?

Ideally you should speak with your Travel Planning expert directly. This is the best way to get the most out of the session. Being able to hear the nuances in voices, hear the triggers and explore deeper into reactions is best handled when you are actually speaking.

Telephone Conference  - Video tele-conferencing - Live on-line Conferencing

If it’s difficult to get the everyone together at the same time for a conference, then you can work through e-mail. Keep in mind that much can be lost when working like this. Using this method, it will take more time for each party to receive and impart all of the important information.

This method is best used for repeat customers. If you know your Travel Consultant well and have booked with them before, they will have good insight already about your style and what you like. You can get down to particulars faster.

Keep in mind though, every trip is different and people change. So, don’t just assume your travel specialist will know everything just because you have worked with them before.

This is a slower process and typically things are presented and reviewed in stages. You can expect more alterations and modifications to itineraries.

Client Love!

I was skeptical about a creative planning session but once we did one I understood why Pamala holds them - from that one session she creates the most exceptional journeys .

~ Karen & David

Pamala really listens and from one session she knew who we were and all about what we wanted right down to the way we want our trips to unfold..

~ Constance & Jeremy

I had never heard of a creative planning session for a trip. That session made all the difference in our trips. We know now why Celebration Escapes is so successful.

~ Janet & Christopher

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