Our Journeys Touch Your Senses

Your Whole Being Is Touched With Joyous Experiences!

Our Journeys Touch Your Senses

  • Where your mouth waters with delight as you taste the delicacies created by extraodinary chefs and savor wines from amazing destinations.
  • You can smell the salty air as you basque in the sun on your own private island, while dipping your toes in the refreshing, cool surf.
  • You feel the rush of excitement as you discover that ancient civilization or tackle that next exotic river.
  • You stand in awe before a panoramic view of magnificent landscapes or ancient majestic cities.
  • You touch exotic fabrics, smell the aromas of mystic markets, and hear the music of enchanted lands.
  • While on safari, you hear the calls of exotic birds, the wildlife stirring just beyond your view as you doze lazily in luxury tents and tree houses.
  • Your imagination soars as you wander through villages, towns and cites that are hundreds of years old.
  • Experiencing the exhilaration of hiking to majestic waterfalls, hearing the thunder of their explosion into the pools far below and standing in awe of their mystical power.
  • Your senses are buzzing with delight as you celebrate your life in exotic places the world has to share with you.

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Client Love!

Everywhere we went we experienced incredible touches. It is never just about seeing a site with Celebration Escapes. They insure you experience every aspect of where you are and what you are doing.

~ Marilyn & Anthony

You don't just see sites with Celebration Escapes, you experience the complete sensations of where you are and what the culture is really all about. 

~ Beverly & Robert

Having all of your senses included in an experience is really wonderful. We never just go see the sites anymore, not since we have Celebration Escapes plan our journeys.

~ Paula & Dennis