Celebration Escapes Custom Travel Services

Custom Travel Planning

Custom Travel Planning Takes time and has an extensive amount of collaboration with local on-site professionals, suppliers, and other related entities involved in a custom journey.

The process involves a commitment between you the client, and Celebration Escapes Travel Consultants.

Even though we are paid a commission from certain suppliers for actually booking the trip, there is no compensation for the time invested by your Travel Consultant in designing, creating, coordinating, orchestrating and delivering a final Itinerary for your trip.


All Customized Itineraries

For all customized itineraries, after the Creative Planning Session has completed, Celebration Escapes requires an upfront trip commitment fee of $500.00. This fee is non refundable but applicable to your final invoice.

This fee confirms our commitment to the traveler to work within requested guidelines and budgets as agreed before the planning of a trip starts.

If you decide that you do not want to travel or your plans change and you can't book the trip, Celebration Escapes will keep the commitment fee for time spent on developing the itinerary and working with the suppliers for the trip.


Travel Management Fees Are Charged For All Trips.

Celebration Escapes charges a Service Fee for booking all trips. For Couples and groups of  four, we charge a $50.00 booking fee per person. For Groups of four - ten, we charge a $55.00 booking fee per person.

For Groups of ten -twenty-six persons, we charge a $60.00 booking fee per person. For Groups of twenty-seven - fifty, we charge a $65.00 booking fee per person. For Groups over fifty persons, we charge a $70.00 booking fee per person.

NOTE: Booking fees for groups may be added to the per person itinerary costs and paid by the individuals or for companies, associations, organizations, and charities, they may also be paid by the group entity and not passed along to the individual members of  the group. 

If you move forward and book your trip, the Commitment Fee will be applied to your final payment.

Celebration Escapes will not charge you an additional fee for the development work but instead, apply the payment for the commitment fee to your trip.

This assures us that you are committed to a collaborative process throughout the property selection and itinerary design stages of building your experience. A collaborative process with us will result in an itinerary that exceeds your needs, interest, requests and requirements. You will be delighted when your dreams transform into spectacular memories. 

Our Creative Planning Sessions

Our consultants are innately familiar with enhanced services and amenities, as well as rewards and incentive programs available to discerning travelers. We secure the best value for our clients and offer customized recommendations based on first-hand knowledge and expertise.

Your first consultation is complimentary to determine if Celebration Escapes is the correct fit for your needs.

In this session we will define your travel budget, focus on your dreams, desires and must have inclusions.

We will preview ideas and options for your celebration, and give you estimates of costs.

At the end of this session our experts will have all the information necessary to creatively design the perfect itinerary for you.

At this point, you will be ready to proceed with your trip planning with your Travel Consultant.

Celebration Escapes Design & Development
Supplier Coordination
Celebration Escapes & Supplier Orchestration

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Custom Travel Planning For Professional Groups

We Offer  Creative Itinerary Design & Choreographed Group Journeys For Professional Milestones & Special Events


Itinerary Design & Journey Development

After the CPS, the Milestone Travel Specialist will design an itinerary based on the specific requests, desires, and elements around the passions of the group. 

They will collaborate with the professionals in the destination for elements. availability and pricing and deliver a proposal and quote to the client for review and consideration. 

The Travel Consultant and the Client will fine-tune the details and elements of the itinerary and events within the itinerary. The Suppliers in the destination will confirm availability and pricing and prepare for the booking process for the group. 


Orchestration & Choreographed Implementation

Once the details have been finalized with the client, We will begin the process of collecting individuals & persons traveling together information for all members of the group.

The detailed booking process will follow and continue until all travelers are booked with the suppliers into the Group's Itinerary's Package. 

Throughout the period between booking and departure, the Travel Consultant will liaison with the suppliers and the client to provide updates, revisions or itinerary changes, as well as providing additional detailed information to all travelers in the group.

Additionally, continued collaboration and management of all of the elemental details and preparations for special events and the minute particulars of the itinerary will be on-going during this period.

Final payments will be collected and delivered to the suppliers. The suppliers will prepare final travel documents and deliver those to Celebration Escapes approximately 2-3 weeks prior to departure.

Travel documents will be delivered to all travelers in the group in preparation for departure. 

Final preparations will be orchestrated with the suppliers to insure everything is ready for the group's arrival. 


During The Journey And Beyond The Return

If Celebration Escapes will be escorting the group, our team will mobilize 2 days prior to the group departure and begin the management of the itinerary elements in country. 

The group Leader will meet the group at the airport and travel with them to the destination. Once in country, transportation will be manged by the team leader and the group will travel to the destination site for check-in. 

Celebration Escapes will orchestrate and implement the itinerary on-site with the suppliers throughout the journey.  

If the suppliers are going to manage the group trip, the travelers will be met at the airport and escorted with transportation to the hotel for check-in

The Team Leader on-site  will then orchestrate and implement the itinerary on-site with the suppliers throughout the journey. 

At the conclusion of the trip the group will be escorted back to the airport for their return flight home. 

Celebration Escapes will be in constant communications with the team on the ground to monitor and assist with orchestration & implementation of the itinerary. 

Once the group returns, Celebration Escapes will hold a follow up session with the clients for review and evaluation. 

Celebration Escapes will manage a group survey on behalf of the client for their opinions of the trip and events. 

Typically, we will begin the next project with the clients soon after the completion of a current event or trip.  

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