Iconic Destination Wedding & Reception Styles

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Iconic Destination Wedding &  Receptions 

Discover Your Dream Wedding & Reception Style

Knowing your personal style is one of the largest items you will need to discern to begin planning your wedding, reception and the supportive events related to your destination wedding. Our expert Consultants & Wedding Planners are with you every step of the way to insure your wedding is everything you have ever dreamed of and that your new life begins magnificently.

What's Your Personal Style?

  1. Casual & Relaxing - Relaxed weddings with a casual atmosphere where everything is gently presented and comfortable.
  2. Formal & Luxurious - Luxurious wedding presentations with a formal flair for a polished and spectacular impact.
  3. Elegant & Sophisticated - No matter the size, sophistication and elegance is the anchor you want for your dream wedding.
  4. Adventurous & Exciting - Throw tradition to the wind and have your wedding the way you like to live - on a ship, in a hot air balloon, on the slopes, in a tent in the desert, on safari in Africa, Asia or India, hiking the Inca Trail, at the base of a volcano, or with a magnificent waterfall as your backdrop.
  5. Modern & Cosmopolitan - Fresh & Exciting, you want modern & fun. Your events have to be whimsical, outrageous, fanciful, or just plain Sparkly! 
  6. Socialite & High Fashion - everything you do is upscale, at the peak of fashion, and notable.

What You Can Expect From Our Expert Wedding Planners & Consultants

We design, orchestrate, manage the team of experts, and produce your events with the following services, and much more.

  • Total Peace of Mind - you will have confidence that everything is being prepared perfectly, down to the smallest detail.
  • Time Savings - we do everything leaving you the relaxed freedom to go about your regular routine.
  • Your event will be an Ultimate Luxury Wedding Reception with a blend of special pricing and valuable amenities.
  • We produce your Wedding Reception and all Supportive Events and mange the team of experts working in country to insure every detail of your events are orchestrated perfectly.
  • We liaison with the suppliers, the properties and your guests, for the perfect wedding experiences. Your job is to dream the events, tell us about your dreams and desires, give us the guest information, and make some decisions . We manage everything else  - it's easy for you! 
  • Through our Network of suppliers and properties, you will be able to have Privileged Access to experiences typically unavailable to many travelers.
  • If you desire, we are connected to Celebrated Hosts and Private Experiences, for your Reception and Supportive Wedding Events. These special experiences are exclusively created for our clients
  • Once you are in country, you will have your wedding planner with you, as well as access to the local experts in the destination who are at the ready to assist you throughout your events while you are in country.
  • Your life-long Wedding, Supportive Events, & Reception  Dreams will be transformed into cherished memories neither you or your guests will ever forget.

Client Love!

Our wedding had to be high fashion and iconic. It needed to be dramatic, bold & a little overstated. Pamala & her Team at Celebration Escapes knew how to produce the perfect events for the multi-day events with our style shining through everything. Our guests can't stop talking about our wedding and events  - it was a magnificent production!

~ Ellen & Theodore 

We knew we had to have an iconic wedding but we didn't want it to be typical or too traditional. We had our own dreams about the style and events for our special milestone. Celebration Escapes understood that it was a socialite wedding but for us, they creatively designed events that were subtle, understated and yet with an elegant blend of large yet ultra-fine details. We loved how they kept us as the focus and not the events themselves.

~ Meredith & Michael

Our wedding guest list was a whose who of  society and political people. We wanted to have a very traditional iconic wedding that would accommodate those guests and all they brought with them to the events. Celebration Escapes knew exactly how to produce and manage this type of multi-day wedding event. They added special touches though that allowed us to shine as brightly as our guests - we loved that!

~ Cynthia & Stewart

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