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Wedding & Event Full Service Package 

You Want A professional To Manage All Aspects Of Your Events & Manage & Produce All Events, Typically Over Multiple Days 

Your Event Deserves To Be Exceptional & Celebration Escapes Is An Expert At Delivering Exceptional Dream-Realizing and Memory Making Events


Wedding & Event Full Service Package

You're Never Alone & We Manage Everything

Full Service Package: One Day to Multiple Day Events (Can be in local destinations or those chosen throughout the world)

For the Client who has a demanding career, full social calendar, or simply wants to employ an Event Planner to Manage all aspects of the event. You want to collaborate and be kept informed (sometimes through a liaison family member or personal assistant and often yourself). You are not interested in the minutia (all the details of the design, planning, curation, orchestration, and presentation). However, you want to make some decisions throughout the process, be kept informed, but want Celebration Escapes to design, select the team, orchestrate,  manage and produce everything for your events.

This package includes, but is not limited to: unlimited communication and advice from Celebration Escapes, with direct access to the owners throughout the length of the process.

Event Conception & Design of the entire Event(s), Destination procurement, Design of all multi-day events included in the project, assembly of the team of local artisans and authentic items used in the event(s), hiring and management of all preferred vendors and suppliers, décor and aesthetics of the various spaces being used for the event(s), creation and management of all experiences for the event(s), Floral designs and production for all events, Catering and special chef’s for the various events,

Coordination of all preliminary details:

Paper: – save the date, invitations, place cards for all events containing meals, notes to guests, published itineraries, time schedules, thank you cards, special notices to guests during the event(s), menus, etc.)

Electronics: - Media and social networking presentations. Electronic communications with guests, establish private website for the event(s), Manage and respond to inquiries coming from the guests on the website.

Destination: -  Selection and Coordination of the destination site(s) for all events.

Guest Travel Management & Bookings:

Celebration Escapes handles all the arrangements directly with the guests an attendees so you don’t have to know anything or coordinate anything for the guests. All questions and inquiries are sent directly to us, and all information related to the in and out bound travel to the destinations, and to experiences included within the event(s) are outlined on the website, and managed by us.  

Transportation: Manage all guest travel planning as a group or individually to the destination of the event(s).

Charter Airlines, Commercial Airlines, Cruise Lines, Railways, & Private Chauffeurs in Cars, limousines, and luxury SUVs for the complete Event Participants and guests.

Accommodations: Group coordination and bookings for all guests in all event destinations. (All categories of accommodations – all types of properties, vessels, and venues). Private VIP Check-in experiences with private lounge where guests can relax while rooms are readied.

Welcome Experience: On the day of arrival, usually the day before the main event(s) begin, a welcome party is planned to welcome guests and to kick of the festivities.

Event Experiences: - All event guest experiences are designed and managed by Celebration Escapes and our on-site partners in destination. Transportation and Meals are included.

For Weddings, Galas, And Black Tie Affairs, we arrange attire selection and fittings with designers, boutiques, and private showings. Coordinate delivery deadlines and schedules, alterations and final fittings prior to delivery of the attire to the event membership. For occasions where costumes or other special attire features are being incorporated, we will manage these preliminarily or on site in the destination(s) (where guest experiences may well be included in the process

Production & Curation:

Coordination and management with on-site vendors, suppliers, and local artisans in the destination(s) to produce all the necessary accomplishments for the event(s) and guest experiences. This process can be quite formidable and include creation of structures and other items in natural settings, iconic venues and historic sites.

Presentation of Event(s)

Complete presentation, coordination and management of the entire day(s) event(s). Everything is brought together in precisely timed measures, with seamless transitions, where everything is choreographed to perfection, and even the minutest details have been purposely orchestrated.

Celebration Escapes effectively orchestrates all the details of the day from the early hours when the venue is being prepared, through the entire event, until the last guest departs and the venue is restored to its original condition.


What You Can Expect From Our Expert Wedding Planners & Consultants

  • Total Peace of Mind - you will have confidence that everything is being prepared perfectly, down to the smallest detail.
  • Time Savings - we do everything leaving you the relaxed freedom to go about your regular routine.
  • Your event will be an Ultimate Luxury Wedding Reception with a blend of special pricing and valuable amenities.
  • We produce your Wedding Reception and all Supportive Events and mange the team of experts working in country to insure every detail of your events are orchestrated perfectly.
  • We liaison with the suppliers, the properties and your guests, for the perfect wedding experiences. Your job is to dream the events, tell us about your dreams and desires, give us the guest information, and make some decisions . We manage everything else  - it's easy for you!
  • Through our Network of suppliers and properties, you will be able to have Privileged Access to experiences typically unavailable to many travelers.
  • If you desire, we are connected to Celebrated Hosts and Private Experiences, for your Reception and Supportive Wedding Events. These special experiences are exclusively created for our clients
  • Once you are in country, you will have your wedding planner with you, as well as access to the local experts in the destination who are at the ready to assist you throughout your events while you are in country.
  • Your life-long Wedding, Supportive Events, & Reception  Dreams will be transformed into cherished memories neither you or your guests will never forget.

Client Love!

Celebration Escapes was fabulous! They helped us make decisions but knew we didn't have time to do all the work. They handled everything with the suppliers and venue and then managed the entire wedding and reception masterfully. They arranged the extra events so all we had to do was show up and enjoy our wedding weekend.

~  Linda & Mark

As busy professionals we really wanted a professional wedding planner to manage all the aspects of our wedding and events. We hired Celebration Escapes and we are so glad we did. We made selections and decisions but all of the planning and producing was handled by them. Everything was managed expertly and the wedding and related events all came off perfectly. 

~ Kathryn & Justin

Celebration Escapes is just the best wedding planners! They designed and orchestrated everything about our wedding and supportive events. We were involved in decisions and selections but they really managed and produced everything down to the last detail. Our wedding was one we dreamed about and they brought to life. 

~ Lydia & Ryan

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