Celebration Escapes Signature Aesthetics:

Our Signature Aesthetics: For Professional Milestone & Wedding Events

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Celebration Escapes' Signature Aesthetics:

Elegant, Thoughtful & Innovative

          1.     Our signature is to transform our clients' dreams into spectacular Memories

          2.     Celebration Escapes believes every celebration should tell a great story and reflect our client's personality. Our main objective for any event is to deliver that story to the world, and make their dreams come to life.

          3.     Creating refined, timeless designs while infusing personal touches that are unique to our clients. Our job is to add distinctive details that represent the client, unique with matchless intricacies that distinguish their event from any other.

          4.     We approach every event as a three-dimensional art piece customized to each client's dreams. we never want to overproduce or compete with the beauty of the space. Whether the grandest of events or one of understated beauty, all of our affairs are influenced by the work of local artisans and the culture and palette of the destination.

          5.     Refinement and an almost implausible attention to detail - We believe the greatest events are ones that are able to capture all the senses (fragrance, taste, vision, sound, & touch) allowing guests to completely immerse in the event and the client’s dream.

          6.     Our flexibility, functionality and attention to detail allow us to explore the impossible and create the possible. There is no limit to our realm of creativity.

          7.     The magic we bring to each event is in the mix; between the untraditional beauty of our locations and the nonconformity of special clients who let us do what we do best."


These milestones come in a wide variety of celebrations and we have designed creative and inspired itineraries for these very special Milestone Celebrations.


Professional events are very special and are a big part of the professional face. We orchestrate unique celebration events in the US and throughout the world. 


These events are critical to assist charities, not for profits, and communities in helping those the organizations are passionate to support. We make them spectacular!



Why You Need Celebration Escapes For All Of Your Destination Events

Celebration Escapes’ Production & Management of Events for  Professional entities is unlike anything you have probably considered in the past for your events. Milestone Celebrations & Professional events of all types, Charity & Fundraising events, are all very individual and unique to the Client and the Event itself. Celebration Escapes is a total Event Management Company. Our specialty with events includes our own skills but those of all of our vast network of partners, as well. We create, design and collaborate with the very best, but our real expertise is Controlling every aspect of the event (which typically can be multiple days of presentation and experiences). We Manage The Managers… and so much more!


Celebration Escapes Specialties

Our Specialties Are Why Celebration Escapes Is Acclaimed:

          1.     Our specialties include high end, society,  design-focused, monumental celebrations for discerning clients, brands, charities, and all professional entities.

          2.     Complex Events is our absolute forté and we deliver them with outstanding precision, no matter where the client’s dreams carry the occasion. Global Destinations, Multiple days with creatively crafted itineraries, designed from our client’s dreams. Weddings, Events & Presentations enhanced with luxurious details. Curated with expert vendors, suppliers, and intricate specialists in all fields of entertainment, presentation, and local authenticity.

          3.     We are known for being especially familiar with the physical destinations on all 6 continents. For having intimate knowledge of virtually unknown sites, architecture, unique facilities, museums, castles and all with historical significance. We arrange events at island destinations with complex logistics and even places so remote that helicopters are a necessity! The challenge of Executing a stunning event, even in the most remote enclaves, is one of our Absolute specialties!

          4.     Design minded celebrations paired with unparalleled hospitality management. Our company has produced everything from intricate dinner parties, elaborate destination weddings, entertainment industry, organizations, corporate & professional celebrations, charitable fundraising events, and the most prolific lifetime Milestone Celebrations.

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