Professional Milestone Event Limited Service Package

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Professional Milestone Event Limited Service Package

You're Never Alone & We Manage Everything

Limited Service Package: One Day Event (Usually in a local destination)

For the Client who has planned every aspect of their event, booked the venues for the event, hired the vendors to deliver on the day of the event, and simply require onsite management and orchestration on the day of the event.

This package begins 2 months prior to the event and includes unlimited communication and advice from Celebration Escapes.

In the 2 months prior, we confirm everything the Client has already booked and we then produce a minute by minute timeline of the event. Our Event Experts will then use the information provided by the Client, the suppliers and vendors, and our own timeline to effectively orchestrate all the details of the day from the early hours when the venue is being prepared, through the entire event, until the last guest departs and the venue is restored to its original condition.

What You Can Expect From Our Expert Professional Milestone Event  Planners & Consultants

  • Total Peace of Mind - you will have confidence that everything is being prepared perfectly, down to the smallest detail.
  • Time Savings - we do everything leaving you the relaxed freedom to go about your regular routine.
  • Your event will be an Ultimate Luxury Event with a blend of special pricing and valuable amenities.
  • We produce your Professional Milestone Event  and all Supportive Events and mange the team of experts working in country to insure every detail of your events are orchestrated perfectly.
  • We liaison with the suppliers, the properties and your guests, for the perfect Professional Event  experiences. Your job is to dream the events, tell us about your dreams and desires, give us the guest information, and make some decisions . We manage everything else  - it's easy for you!
  • Through our Network of suppliers and properties, you will be able to have Privileged Access to experiences typically unavailable to many travelers.
  • If you desire, we are connected to Celebrated Hosts and Private Experiences, for your Professional Milestone Events. These special experiences are exclusively created for our clients
  • Once you are in country, you will have your Professional Event Planner with you, as well as access to the local experts in the destination who are at the ready to assist you throughout your events while you are in country.
  • Your Professional Milestone  Event Celebration Dreams will be transformed into spectacular memories that neither you or any of your guests will ever forget.

Client Love!

This package is perfect for our company because we have a lot of our own resources in house but need the management at the events. Celebration Escapes is superb at orchestrating and presenting events.

~ Helen 

Our association does a lot of events in the local community and we like to use our supportive suppliers. This package is perfect for us because we can then hire Celebration Escapes to manage the events and still use our own vendors. 

~ Gerald

Our gallery has many local supporters that we like to return the favor with for our events. Celebration Escapes allows us to use our own suppliers and then they coordiante everything and manage the events. It's a Win-Win for us!

~ Marla

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