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Innovative Destination & Location Ideas To Inspire You To Dream

We specialize in designing weddings and events at Unique Destinations and locations throughout the six continents. Anything is possible – If you can dream it, we can deliver it.

To get you inspired and dreaming about your next Milestone, Event, Gala or any Social Affair (personal or professional), the following is a sampling of some of our most celebrated events.

Some of our destinations and locations are UNESCO Sites, Natural Landscapes, Off-the-radar & privately owned, Celebrity Hosted, Unusual Places, Historic & Iconic, Ancient Ruins, Remotely Private, Themed, Inspired by History and its people, Authentic Art & Architecture, On the Waters, & islands (inhabited, uninhabited, private and perfected).

What’s Your Dream? – Everybody Has A Dream

     1.     European Castles with multiple days of authentic experiences steeped in history in iconic destinations. Greeted by horses & hounds in celebratory welcome, a day of authentic highland games, high teas, golfing on renowned courses, horseback hunts, falconry exhibitions, or... 

     2.      Castles and Manor Houses with the Aristocracy with multiple days of authentic experiences in multiple locations. High society and royalty open their homes, gardens, and secret places just for your event.

     3.     Events in the footsteps of Kings & Queens. Events in the great palaces and private estates of Royalty throughout the world.

     4.     Celebrity Villas & Vineyards, Ranches & Wineries, and Studios & Workshops – Designers & Showcases; customized to deliver truly unique and distinctively unprecedented events.

     5.     Villas, Vineyards, Wineries, Abbeys, Craft Breweries & Champagne Estates – Events brought to life from beverage passions. Presentations raised from the client’s dreams, at inspired destinations, and brought to life by our creatively crafted designs.

     6.     Glorious Gardens & Iconic & Royal Greenhouses, complimented with a full orchestra, costumed services, a grand Celebrity Chef ‘s 7 course meal, dancing through the mazes and celebration fireworks topping off the event - just one of the many events inspired by "la fleur".

     7.     On Safari (Africa, India, & Asia) – Events with Elephants and Lions, or all of them on the plains…Hosted in Resorts, Lodges, Treehouses, Luxury Tented Camps, coupled with celebrity Chefs creating 5 course meals, served on hand-painted china with crystal stemware, complete with all the trimmings, served under the skies on the plains, inside elaborately illuminated tents with luxurious authentic destination décor, or on location where elaborate customized spaces are transformed into epic safari celebrations.

     8.     Dubai on Golden Sands – From Dubai’s Absolute Ostentatious Luxury to Authentic Bedowin Luxury celebrations on the sands of the desert. Truly historic meets cosmopolitan in Dubai. Celebrations of distinction unlike any other.

     9.     Iconic Waterfalls – Spectacular backdrops at any one of the World’s eight most amazing and powerful waterfalls. Amazing multi-day experiences (sometimes in multiple countries where the waters overlap) that showcase the natural beauty and formidable landscapes that are blessed with rainbows and idyllic hidden spaces.

     10.     Rainforests & Volcanos – From the US’ Ring of Fire to Iceland, Sicily, Tanzania Africa, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Mexico, The Amazon, Philippines, Japan, and back to Hawaii – Authentic and Unique Event Destinations and experiences.

     11.     Luxury Events Among the Ruins – The Ancients Rediscovered: Sites where past civilizations ruled creates tremendous opportunity to create customized dream events in authentic iconic locations – on every continent. Re-creation of events in these ancient surroundings can be an amazing aphrodisiac that ignites senses and instills memories.

     12.     Private Islands – Need we say more – it’s private – it’s an island - and anything is possible.

     13.     Spectacular iconic events surrounded by Glaciers, Geysers, Geothermal baths & Hot Springs – Events to Rejuvenate, relax, immerse and connect.

     14.     Silken Sands and Sultry Sensations in Mysterious Thailand – From mysterious sites, and ancient rituals scattered among ancient temples and ruins, to the silk sands on sultry beaches, pearls and iconic cuisine, safaris and gardens…oh the possibilities you have open to you!

     15.     Sailing the great waters of the world – Oceans, Rivers, Lakes, and more…Events on the waters are invigorating and bring their own ambiance and character with ultimate possibilities attached. Private events on the open seas, grand events hosted throughout the ports of the world, celebrations while floating down the great rivers of the world in truly luxurious spaces, grand elegance on the shores of Lake Titicaca and other iconic backdrops.

     16.     Carnival and the Masked Balls – Infamous cities, icon architectures, mystique and elegance – Pre-event experiences include an event fashion show, where some of the most infamous fashion designers showcase their original gowns created solely for guests of your event. On location events and experiences that captivate your guests… Authentic artisans create unprecedented, highly detailed, flamboyant masks for event guests. Privately hosted workshops where authentic artisans instruct guests on techniques from generations past to present, how to create their own masks. Perfumeries, where fragrance makers teach guests techniques on creating perfume, and guests can capture their own essence; creating their own signature fragrance for the events. The grand Masquerade Ball – hosted in iconic venues, in private gardens, palaces of kings, just to name a few.

     17.     Of Artists & Poets – Reflections from the 20’s – The 1920s were one of the most active and important periods for the more serious arts. Customized events with recreations of the days when artists and poets held extravagant affairs in iconic locations – reigning supreme in the world of the arts. Dada, Surrealism, Expressionism, and the fabulous Art Deco, incredibly unique events designed from your passions, your favorite artists, poets, musicians, writers, and singers.     

     18.     The Luxurious Simplicity of the BBQ – Luxurious Ranches throughout the world – They aren’t just full of dust and herds of beasts – These are splendid venues that have all the space to create incredible authentic celebrations, rich with tradition and historic backgrounds. Multi-day events with panoramic views and more creative experiences than you might imagine.

     19.     Pampering & Pearls – Following Mikimoto’s Dream in Japan -  Most expensive pearls in the world and the best spas are found in Phuket – On the sands of Myranmar.- turning passion into dream celebrations. You won’t believe what can be created from a passion for pearls…

     20.     Remote and Irresistible. Mountain tops only reachable by cable car & helicopter – Uninhabited islands in the Mediterranean (and formidable locations throughout the world’s most exotic destinations), hidden grottos and caverns, remote villages, on the edge of magnificent cliffs with extraordinary views…Keep dreaming!

     21.     Romantic or Intoxicating locations like; an exclusive event in the main Piazzetta of Capri, the focal point of island life. OR The 4th century Piazza Armerina and Villa Romana del Casale in Sicily with a reenactment of a competition of knightly combat and horsemanship, that records the heroics of the Norman invaders who ousted the Arabs from Sicily in around 1060. OR An enchanting Portuguese village  is waiting to steal your heart, events in the parish church with beautiful gilded alters and painted pillars, to the medieval castle and a grand event among the Olive Groves…

     22.     On the edge of an Historic Forest,  the surrounding grassy knoll is transformed into a field of wild grasses rich with flowers.  A tent with 3 event spaces is erected, and it all sits perched on the cliff, overlooking the sea – Incredible background and foreground with an event in the midst of the views.

     23.     Abbeys & Cloisters, events in unique surroundings alive with old practices amidst the ruins & ironically preserved sties where the past comes alive and meets modern elegance.

     24.     Incredible location, spectacular views, grounds that offer multitudes of event possibilities. Ravello is a masterpiece for our Italian events – there are so many iconic locations and spaces that call to be used in inspired ways.  In one area, an open-air, crypt with vaulted ceilings, large enough to host a lovely event. It offers amazing possibilities for decor, while also shelters guests as they soak up the magnificent sea views.        

     25.     Deep in the mountains of the Ardennes, amidst a custom designed event village of luxury tents, an infamous rock band performs in private concert, a celebrity chef creates miraculous culinary creations, and your guests are in awe of your event.



Why You Need Celebration Escapes For All Of Your Destination Events

Celebration Escapes’ Production & Management of Events for  Professional entities is unlike anything you have probably considered in the past for your events. Milestone Celebrations & Professional events of all types, Charity & Fundraising events, are all very individual and unique to the Client and the Event itself. Celebration Escapes is a total Event Management Company. Our specialty with events includes our own skills but those of all of our vast network of partners, as well. We create, design and collaborate with the very best, but our real expertise is Controlling every aspect of the event (which typically can be multiple days of presentation and experiences). We Manage The Managers… and so much more!


These milestones come in a wide variety of celebrations and we have designed creative and inspired itineraries for these very special Milestone Celebrations.


Professional events are very special and are a big part of the professional face. We orchestrate unique celebration events in the US and throughout the world. 


These events are critical to assist charities, not for profits, and communities in helping those the organizations are passionate to support. We make them spectacular!

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