Why We Love Our Event Dream Clients

They Love Luxury Venues, World-Wide Destinations & Unique  Experiences For All Events! 

You Asked, Who Are Our Dream Clients?

They Know Their Event Will Be Spectacular & They Love How We Choreograph & Produce

Our Dream Clients: Although our clients would be flattered by your wish to learn of their most intimate and private milestone celebrations, they also have a distinct desire for privacy. We won’t discuss our clients specifically, nor offer details of client names attached to our events. However, it is our pleasure to offer insights into some of our most cherished clients’ characteristics and why they are our dream clients to work with.

Weddings of Note:

  1. We've had the pleasure of working with clients from all walks of life–designers, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, professional organizations, businesses...
  2. Our client list includes politicians, celebrities and socialites along with financial superstars.
  3. Our clients range from fashionistas to foodies, artists to actors, singers to stock brokers, historians to harbor masters, doctors to directors, writers to wellness gurus, coaches to countesses…
  4. Our clients are stars in the fields of medicine, law, finance, real estate and the arts
  5. They are not all famous or celebrities, hundreds of our clients come to us because the event is one of the most important in their lives. They want a once-in-a-lifetime celebration and these dreams are deeply rooted and longingly anticipated. They are looking for a very special Milestone Celebration – one they have been dreaming of and saving for over many years –and those are events Celebration Escapes is an expert in producing.

…and we'll never plan and tell.

See below to find out Why We Love Our Dream Clients.

What We Love About Our Dream Clients

Our dream clients are people who trust us explicitly to design, craft, orchestrate, curate, produce and present events of distinction created specifically from their dreams, in destinations from the obvious to the most unusual. Our clients appreciate our in-depth knowledge, our creative and inspired approaches, and our ability to deliver some of the most unique and personal events and celebrations. They include…

- Those who can describe their vision–and then lets us run with it. Our dream client is someone who understands that we are a team, who trusts the process and recognizes the value we provide. 

- Our favorite clients are ones that trust us to do our thing and want the process to be creative and most of all, fun!

- Someone who is visionary, trusting, collaborative, and understands that our service is a luxury and our work is our passion.

- Those whose events entail complicated logistics, like "a venue that has never hosted a wedding or event, remote and isolated locations, recreations of iconic venues, multiday events with authentic and historic experiences.

- We love open, confident, warm, stylish people who allow us to get to know them and create very personal events that reflect who they are.

- They love to celebrate and value open communication and they trust in our creative process to take their vision to fruition.

- The most rewarding events are the result of a true collaboration. We go to great lengths to hear our client's desires, immerse ourselves in their aesthetic, their personality, understand their passions, their artistic sensibility–and then create a singular and memorable experience. Our 'dream' client is the client that wants to 'dream' with us.

- They trust us to interpret their personal vision of what a particular location they have chosen means to them and they take our advice on which details will make all the difference in delivering their ultimate dream event and the most cherished of guest experiences.

- Clients whose dreams of a Milestone Celebration are marked by artistry, meticulous execution, and developed with a collaborative nature.

- Those who want to create a magical environment, rich in details and unexpected moments. Clients who value, not only the aesthetics of an event but its spirit as well.

- Our favorite couples challenge us to bring their personal style to life through artistic details. We can do traditional nuptial bliss with our eyes closed, but the most exciting clients come to us with a challenge to make something amazing unfold for their guests that showcase their personal dreams.

- Our dream client loves to travel, experience other cultures, has a keen eye for design, loves fashion (in all its forms) and has impeccable style.

- We especially like working with people who allow us to really get to know them and bring their vision to life. Stylish, well-traveled, open-minded and gracious people with elevated tastes and nothing to prove. People sharing interesting tidbits of their lives and relationships which inspire us to craft something uniquely theirs with minute details and uniquely personal touches in every element of the event.

- Our dream client is one who values the depth of thought we put into each element of an event and who trusts our process of discovery and delivery.

- Clients who value the guest experience, and desire to share their dreams with their guests. They understand that the experiences included in the events, are equally as important as the event's beauty and the iconic destinations where the events are staged.

- A client who trusts that we have their best interest in mind, that we genuinely desire to deliver their dreams in each event. Those who allow us to work harmoniously with them, which always results in the delivery of their dreams at their events.

- Our dream client appreciates beauty, is drawn to timeless destinations, craves a unique design with personal elements intertwined throughout their events, and those who value the importance of celebrating life's greatest moments.

- Well-traveled, busy, career-oriented people who value beautiful design, a collaborative working relationship, and want to throw an amazing party!

- They are well-traveled, adventurous, accomplished, and a combination of type-A and laid back. Our client stays at 5-star hotels in Italy one second, and in a treehouse in the African bush the next. They are just as likely to be excited about street food in Japan as they are an Alain Ducasse awarded restaurant. Ultimately, their worst fear is having the same wedding everyone else has had. They want to make a lasting & memorable impression, and they trust us to make it happen for them.

- We love couples who want a weekend-long celebration that's different from any wedding they have ever attended. Stylistically, our clients are all over the map but always bring a fresh point of view.

Client Love!

Celebration Escapes really listens to what we want for our events. They are fantastic to work with and very knowledgeable about both events and destinations.  They care about their clients getting the results they want from their events. They are so creative and get more inspired with the more information we give them. They can make anything happen and that's why we love them.

~ Anthony & Patricia

Celebration Escapes has produced some of the best and most successful events we have ever hosted. They have connections everywhere and can get anything we want for our events. We love their designs and creativity. Most of all we love how our guests love the events and how successful they are for us. 

~ Samuel

Our events are always large and complex. Celebration Escapes handles these matters with ease. Pamala has great instincts and her creative ideas have made some of our most spectacular events yet. Whether they are working on our personal or our corporate events, everything is always magnificent!

~ Edward & Donovan 

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