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The Top 12 Iconic Destination Wedding Reception Locations

Top 12 Destinations & Event Sites (Many of these still presume a church wedding with these options for the receptions. However, today, as more and more couples are looking for Unique, these destinations and event sites are even more likely to be where the actual wedding is performed, too.

Society & Celebrity Weddings are all about the Uniqueness of the Couple & Their Wedding, where they will present themselves to the world.

Your options are limitless, something you’ve always dreamed about, purposely customized to make it original, beyond expectations, touches that mark your wedding as most unique, masterful designs that take your wedding to unexpected heights, awe-inspired destinations and venues that ring of celebration.

The days of the Grand Hotel Facility Venues is less and less sought after  (unless the venue is so transformed that it becomes something else – which we do, when the numbers are so large and the security is at its highest level)  Having a lavish gala evening at a hotel just isn’t what couples having a society wedding are choosing in today’s culture.

Today, weddings must be inspired, creatively designed, not necessarily over the top, understated weddings can be just as incredibly unique and dramatic as the most opulent presentation. However, they all begin with the heart, are inspired by the individuality of the couple together, and the dreams they hold that will make even the most traditional wedding unique & unforgettable.

Celebration Escapes adds the magic, the vast knowledge of the world’s most incredible destinations, designs crafted for inspired locations, orchestration with local artisans and the best specialists in their fields, production and curation masterfully executed to present the perfect wedding (as dreamed by the Bride & Groom). Dreams Transformed into Spectacular Memories!

The Top 12 Iconic Destination Wedding Reception Ideas 

Dream Iconic! - What's Your Dream?

Knowing your basic Dream for your wedding is great. However, sometimes you may not have enough knowledge about a destination to really know what may be available. The Top 12 List is designed to give you an idea of some of the most popular destination ideas for Iconic Weddings, Receptions & Events. For more detailed information see the Inspirations page with the Top 25 or to see some of the photo galleries and itineraries  which has more information check out the Highlights of Destination Weddings page.

Castles - Aristocrats & Royalty


Castles, Palaces & Manor Houses: Marriage with Aristocracy & Royalty. Scottish Castles & The Highland Games. English Castles and the Royal Hunt. Irish Castles & Whisky and Irish River Dancers. Paris in the Footsteps of Kings and Queens & The Palaces and Gardens. Jaipur Palace with the Royal Family & The Ritual of the 7 Steps. Just to name a few...

Villas & Vineyards


Private Estates, Villas & Vineyards. Italian Villas with Vineyard Reception & Masked Costume Balls. Costa Rica Vast Estates  & Celebrations under the Volcano. Spanish Villas with Vineyard Receptions & Bull Fights. Argentina Luxury Ranches in Malbec Vineyards & Gaucho Horse Shows. French Champagne Estates with Vineyard Receptions & High Fashion Celebrations. And so much more...

The Great Outdoors


Africa with Luxury Receptions on the Plains & Safari Adventures. Dubai with Authentic Bedouin Receptions on Golden Sands. Argentina & Brazil with Receptions in front of Majestic Waterfalls & Adventures in the Parks. Costa Rica Rainforests & Volcanoes with Celebrations under the Canopy. Peru's Lake Titicaca with Luxury Reception surrounding the water & Machu Picchu & The Inca Trail. Private Islands with Luxurious Grand Celebrations & Private Regatta. This list is endless...

The Grandscapes Of Iceland

Iceland 11 1200x

Dramatic Iceland with Reception at the Saga Museum & A Photography Safari from Reykjavik to the north and South delivering exciting experiences at volcanoes, geysers, hot springs and lava fields. Photograph the Golden Ciricle and the Blue Lagoon. Then enjoy a Whale Watching Excursion on Luxury Charters.  

Mystical Sites Of Thailand


Mystical Thailand offers a unique blend of Romance, Culture, Natural Wonders & Iconic Destinations.  There are so many options for unique weddings here, from glorious beaches with silken sands & The most precious Pearls in the world, to bustling cities with incomparable delights, to the Asian Safaris with Tigers and Elephants. Marriage with the elephants watching is a very unique experience. There are magnificent historical sites with amazing opportunities for celebrations just waiting for you here. 

Grandure In The Gardens


The opulence of the World's most Magnificent  Gardens creates Wedding Settings beyond compare. Some of the most spectacular choices are, The Royal Greenhouses, At The Royal Palace of Laeken, Belgium; The Palace of Venaria, in Venaria Reale, Italy; The Royal Gardens of Versailles, France; Kew Royal Botanic Gardens, London; The Real Jardin Botanico, Madrid, Spain; Vigeland Park, Frogner, Oslo, Norway; Benmore Botanic Gardens, Argyll, Scotland; Keukenhof Gardens, Lisse Netherlands; Claude Monet’s Garden Giverny, France; Petrin Gardens, Prague, Czech Republic; Alhambra Gardens, Grenada, Spain; Powerscourt Gardens, Enniskerry, County Wicklow, Ireland; Boboli Gardens, Florence Italy; Bodnant Gardens, Conway, Wales; Sissinghurst Castle Garden, Kent, UK; Villa D’Este Gardens, Tivoli. Rome, Italy.

Charter The Great Rivers


Imagine a Private Charter Luxury River Cruise selected to pair with your dream wedding theme, destination, and multi-day experiences that will have your guests in awe of the ways you made the itinerary your special celebration. Private Luxury Sailing & Touring, Pre and/or Post guest extensions,  Wedding in one of the Great Cities of the World or in a location en-route called from your dreams. 30 Different River Cruises itineraries, all that can be Customized For Your Wedding Group.

Charter Seas & Oceans


Imagine having an entire ocean cruise vessel all to yourself for your wedding. The experiences on board can be creative and unique, unlike any other cruise. You will enjoy Private Luxury On The Grandest Ships - Sailing & Touring with hundreds of itineraries to choose from. Pre and/or Post Stay extensions in iconic cities. Wedding in one of the Great Cities of the World or en-route in a destination of your dreams. Perhaps, a Wedding On-board  - The Ultimate Cruise Party.

Elegance Of Historic Times


Bringing Back The Elegance of Historic Times. Carnival Themes in the Grandest Iconic Cites & the Most Incredible Venues – with Masquerade Balls (hand-made masques from Venice or Brazil) Costumes, and Opulent Receptions of Splendor and Grace; The King & Queen Holding Court (for a day). Waltzing with Orchestras in Palatial Venues. Elegant Costumes and the grandest of feasts; Iconic Architecture, iconic venues with the Artisan Masters, & the opulence of that period; The 20’s in France – of Artists & Poets – refined for the art of today.; The 40’s – Big Bands & Grand Parties with full Orchestras and Dancing – or  have it remastered for the 21st Century.

Elegant Ranches & Lodges


Understated Elegance in a Modern World. The Luxurious Simplicity of the BBQ & Gaucho or Cowboy Shows & Experiences at the Most Lavish & Luxurious Ranches of the World: Africa, Argentina, British Columbia, USA, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, & France. 

Shambala Private Game Reserve 6-1600x

Understated Elegance in a Modern World.  Luxurious Venues and Iconic Safaris (wildlife & Photography) in the rough: South Africa, Botswana, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Thailand, & India.

Pampering & Pearls


A Passion for Pearls leads you to two of the most interesting destinations in the world. Follow Mikimoto's Dream to the home of the pearl in Ago Bay. A protected, pristine environment, opens the doors to pampering in the hot springs and spas, ultimate beauty treatments and all tied to pearls. A wedding at the Mikimoto Pearl Museum or one of the luxury Eco Resorts built for pampering. Shop for pearls, dive with the Ama Divers, visit Kyoto.  Or go for the big pearls in Phuket, Thailand – Some of the Largest & Most Expensive Pearls in the world. Koh Rang Yai Island Pearl Farm follows Mikimoto's Lead and builds an industry. Thailand is full of creative ideas for your wedding. Lastly, for a more Beach Experience, head for Myranmar's Mergui Archipelago another key area for pearls, seclusion, heady island experiences, and understated Luxury.

Footsteps Of The Ancients

pb-greece-parthenon-1- 1600x1064

Weddings in the Footsteps of the Ancients. These are just a few of the examples of iconic destinations throughout the world where iconic weddings and multi-day events guarantee Dreams coming to life in ancient locations where creative and inspired planning create magnificent Milestone Celebrations.

(Pompeii, Parthenon, Athens & Delphi, Greece, Giza, Egypt, Aphrodisias, Turkey, Masada, Israel, Opkibtus (near Naples) Italy, Olbia, Italy, Paestum, Italy, Pantheon, Colosseum & Forum, Rome, Segovia, Spain, Timgad, Algeria, Machu Picchu, Peru, Tikal, Guatemala (Mayan – city at the end of Star Wars A new Hope), Angkor Wat, Cambodia, Petra, Jordan, Stonehenge, Salisbury UK, Easter Island, Chile, Taj Mahal, Agra, India, The Alhambra (Moorish Culture), Grenada, Great Wall of China, Chichén Itzá, Riviera Maya, Mexico, Volubilis, close to Fez,Morocco, Sukhothai, Capital of Thailand for 200 years, Albania, Bulgaria (40,000 archaeological sites – 7 UNESCO sites), Tidal Island of Mont Saint Michel, NW France, Luxembourg, Malta & Gozo Islands, The megalithic complex of Cromlech of the Almendres, Central Portugal.

Client Love!

In the city of Venice we celebrated our Wedding with multiple days of events. Pamala & her Team from Celebration Escapes produced extraordinary events that celebrated us every time. From the wedding itself in the cathedral, to a masked costume  ball, and a yacht regatta. The reception was in an iconic  hotel on the grand canal and it was dramatic and inspired. No one will ever forget this amazing celebration.   

~ Danielle & Anthony

Our ancestors came from Spain and we still have family there. We wanted a wedding to incorporate everyone. So Celebration Escapes produced an iconic wedding with events over several days. Everything was influenced by Spanish elements and authentic touches. From Flaminco to Bull Fights and Paella to Gourmet our celebration was masterfully choreographed and our families and guests will never forget how our dreams came to life at our wedding.

~ Gloria & Alfonso

 A wedding at sea was all we ever wanted. Celebration Escapes chartered an ocean cruise liner and created our own private floating wedding. The events were inspired and creatively designed. The food was exceptional with wine pairings, champagne, and gourmet chefs. The BBQ on the private island was outstanding with snorkeling and a sandcastle competition. Everyone Loved Our Wedding Weekend!  

~ Sarah & Joseph

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