The Faith-Based Travel Journeys

Includes a wide variety of activities — from pilgrimages to service projects, from missionary work to cruises

Faith-based travel includes a wide variety of activities — from pilgrimages to service projects, from missionary work to cruises.

  • Faith-based travel encompasses different travel styles while catering to a loyal base of travelers across all genders, ethnicities, ages and religious persuasions.It has also evolved into secular travel experiences beyond pilgrimages and trips to religious sites.
  • Faith-based travel does not have to include a religious setting or discussion. Today’s faith-based travelers are including more secular activities into their journeys. It’s not uncommon for a trip to include elements of both, such as time for morning devotions and evening prayer, leaving the day free for tours and leisure activities.
  • Faith-based travel continues to become more leisure-oriented. We see this in two different ways: people of faith are choosing more leisure-based trips and non-religious attractions such as a congregation outing to a local theme park or professional sports event.
  • Approximately 95% of the U.S-based faith-based market is Christian, about two-thirds is Protestant and the remaining one-third is Catholic. Less than 5% is Jewish, and all other faiths comprise about 1 to 2% of the total faith-based market.Statistically speaking, about three in four faith-based travelers embark on journeys within a group. Based on discussions with our supplirs and experts on the ground in country, we’re seeing more people turning to group travel for faith-based trips.
  • Private Schools make up a significant number of faith-based traveler every year. In the U.S. alone, there are 30,000 private schools—primarily of Catholic, Christian and Jewish faiths—with five million students, many of which schedule faith-based trips on a regular basis. 

This website is designed to inspire you to find your dream journeys where you can celebrate your personal, organization, or group milestones in ways only you will cherish.

Milestone Celebrations are deeply personal and even if you do not know what you want to do, where you want to go, or how you want to celebrate on this special trip, we can help inspire you to choose elements, destinations, types of trips, and key activities that fit you and your style of travel and celebration.
  • If you are not sure where you want to go, start by looking at the suggested itineraries for your particular milestone. These options are designed to stimulate your thoughts about your specific type of milestone you are going to celebrate.
  • You can also peruse the travel by interest itineraries that are designed around passions and styles of travel.
  • Perhaps you already know where you want to go for this very special milestone celebration. In that case you can choose your dream journey itinerary from our travel by destination itineraries.
  • Don’t see what you really want? - That’s definitely okay! We love nothing better than to create a custom itinerary based on what you love to do, your personal style of travel and destinations that will excite your senses and transform your dreams into spectacular memories.
After you have spent some time being inspired by the itineraries that are featured on our site, it’s time to schedule a Creative Planning Session with one of our Milestone Celebration Experts. This is where we will find out more about you and what will make your celebration spectacular. It’s free and it is a very important step in planning your Milestone Celebration Journey.

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Client Love!

It seems like everyone in our church has a friend who is a travel agent. We have gone through a few of them but now we stay with Celebration Escapes because they do more than just book our journey. They know the destinations extremely well, have connections all over the world, and know how to plan excursions better than an agent. They also have travel programs that offer us a revenue stream that brings money back to us with each trip. We love Celebration Escapes!

~ Benjamin & Claire

Faith-based travel is about the destinations, the historical relevance, and the pilgrimage itself. However, it is mostly about the fellowship and traveling with people of like faith. Celebration Escapes gets that and makes our trips interesting and lots of FUN! We like that. We know our group will have a great time and our relationships grow deeper every time we take a trip. 

~ Matthew & Gloria

We love Celebration Escapes because they know everything and make it really easy for us to sponsor group trips. They handle everything and we are confident that when the trip comes, everything will be managed down to the smallest detail. We never have to worry about a thing. 

~ David  & Caroline

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