A Spiritual Journey

 A journey you would take to find out who you are, what your problems are in life, and how to come to peace with the world.

The Spiritual Journeys  

A spiritual journey is a journey you would take to find out who you are, what your problems are in life, and how to come to peace with the world. The purpose of a spiritual journey is rarely to find an answer; rather, it is a process of continually asking questions. Everyone’s spiritual journey, whether in response to difficult challenges or uplifting opportunities, is unique. Despite this, many spiritual journeys will use similar tools or go down similar paths. 

Religious texts such as the Bible, the Torah, the Quar’an, the Tao Te Ching, the Bhagavad Gita, or the Upanishads can give you a new perspective on life or open your eyes to other people’s beliefs or thoughts. In conjunction with that idea, traveling to some of the places where religious leaders and followers of the faith existed in our history can often give you a hands-on perspective that you may not have seen before. 

Wherever your spiritual adventures take you…

– from Kolkata, where Mother Teresa’s humble home and tomb provide a place of pilgrimage, to the Rajbari Temples devoted to the Hindu god Shiva. A Ganges voyage delves deeply into India’s fascinating historical and religious heritage, working its charm in myriad ways and leaving you with memories that will forever endure.

– from Israel’s places of biblical importance such as Megiddo, Cana and the Mount of Beatitudes, seeing where the stories of the Bible have been told over time. Meandering through the Old City of Jerusalem ,to learn more about Jesus’ life, or floating on the Dead Sea in contemplation of your spiritual journey.

– from Lhasa (The Land of the Gods) Tibet, where the mountains proximity to the heavens allows you to almost reach beyond our atmosphere  from the spiritual home of Tibetan Buddhism. From Jokhang Temple, the Tibetan Buddhism’s most important sanctuary and place of a pilgrimage -observing the faithful praying with meditative repetition, you might find new understanding of the peacefulness, quietude and introspection of Buddhist faith.   

– from Thailand’s  30, 000 Buddhist temple’s social and spiritual centers,  to northern Thailand’s Hill Tribes, the White Hmong People, or the famed Padaung long-necked women, who have brass rings placed on their necks and legs as girls, creating the visual illusion of stretching their necks. Experience an elephant ride through the jungle where animal life is awe inspiring. For serenity and soulful relaxation, the traditional Thai massages let you immerse in retrospection. Where participating in an alms-giving ceremony is a spiritual revival. 

…a Spiritual Journal is almost always one of enlightenment and new perspectives.

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Client Love!

Our group is looking for ways to find spiritual peace and retrospection. When we travel we like a mix of spiritual sites and intriguing destinations, along with personal experiences with nature and spa elements. Celebration Escapes knows so many destinations that allow us to pursue our purpose and enjoy the journey to the fullest. They are our only choice for these journeys. 

~ Madison  & Trevor 

Spiritual journeys are deeply personal and although we travel in a group, each of us has a very personal agenda. Celebration Escapes knows how to get to know our group so that when we travel everyone's agenda has an element in the itinerary. They don't just book a trip that seems like a spiritual one - they take the time to understand who we are as individuals, as well as a group. 

~ Veronique

Trips in nature are the ones we enjoy the most. Being near the water or in a field of wildflowers and tall grass inspires our spiritual inner-self to bloom. Trips with animals are another favorite of our group. Getting in tune with nature is the fastest way to find peace in our souls. Celebration escapes has created some lovely trips for us that allow us to unplug and get back to who we really are and how we want to thrive.

~ Lori & Simon

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