Professional Milestone Event Production



These milestones come in a wide variety of celebrations and we have designed creative and inspired itineraries for these very special Milestone Celebrations.


Professional events are very special and are a big part of the professional face. We orchestrate unique celebration events in the US and throughout the world. 


These events are critical to assist charities, not for profits, and communities in helping those the organizations are passionate to support. We make them spectacular!



Why You Need Celebration Escapes For All Of Your Destination Events

Celebration Escapes’ Production & Management of Events for  Professional entities is unlike anything you have probably considered in the past for your events. Milestone Celebrations & Professional events of all types, Charity & Fundraising events, are all very individual and unique to the Client and the Event itself. Celebration Escapes is a total Event Management Company. Our specialty with events includes our own skills but those of all of our vast network of partners, as well. We create, design and collaborate with the very best, but our real expertise is Controlling every aspect of the event (which typically can be multiple days of presentation and experiences). We Manage The Managers… and so much more!

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          1.     We know all aspects of the Art of Presentation, unprecedented Design & Immersive Creation which allows us to produce the most specifically Successful Events for any Client. That’s a bold statement but one that is 30 years in the making, working in multiple types of presentations and event management. We have the credibility and the experience to make your event a successful celebration no matter what your goals for the event, or what type of event you desire. 



          3.      We only work with the top five specialists in any field, and in any destination, for our events. Our planners, vendors, suppliers, local artisans, caterers and chefs, floral designers, creative décor builders, and so many other partners are the best in the world. We create our team and like any great team we utilize the very best for the type, style, size and destination of any event.


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        5.     The purpose of creating long-lasting and incredible Memories are varied, depending on the type of event and the client who is hosting the event. All Memory Making events are always about the client. However, almost all of them are also about the guests or the participants. Memories keep hosts (our clients) in the forefront of people’s minds.



        7.      Events are hosted for any number of reasons but they all have one thing in common. There is a purpose for the event, not just because it is a special milestone or because it will be a great party but because they all want people to remember the event, its purpose, why it was hosted, and whether consciously or subconsciously the hosts always want these memories to stay alive for as long as is humanly possible…this is why Celebration Escapes is needed to design, create, produce, curate, orchestrate, and present these events you are hosting.



          2.      We don’t work alone – who could be an expert in all of the various specialties involved, delivering every detail for events of every size and type throughout the entire world? Our expertise is broad when it comes to knowledge of the industries involved. It is a learned expertise and a true balance of our own skills and knowledge and the network we have developed over these many years, while producing highly successful and memorable events around the world.



                 4.     Celebration Escapes knows these partners intimately, has developed practices and protocols with them over many years of presentations and event production. Our clients don’t want to have to search for the best, interview and research, or deal with managing the managers. Our clients want a company that already knows all of this and knows how to uniquely bring these specialists together for events that are not only spectacular (on any level) but also successful, purposefully designed for creating inspired memories that continue to create action.

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          6.      Whether you want your guests to remember your wedding as the most awesome one they have ever attended, your professional team remembering how much you invested in them to help them be more successful, your clients’ memories of their appreciation event that no one has ever done for them before, or the community events that inspired people to contribute and left them with memories of not only a great event, but a cause they will always remember as worthy of their participation and support.



          8.      Celebration Escapes’ transforms our client’s dreams for these events into lasting spectacular memories that stay with our hosts, guests and participants for far longer than initially imagined and produces longer lasting effects because of those event memories.


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