Personal Travel - Small Group Escorted Journeys


Small Group Escorted Tours – These are escorted and guided tours offered by Celebration Escape’s Partner Tour Companies

  1. Small Group Escorted Tours with pre-arranged dates of travel.
  2. Transfers are arranged individually via transfer companies
    1. Taxi service is also available for late arrivals
  3. Set itineraries (some tours offer options for certain destinations or add-on activities.)
    1. Add-ons are in addition to the package pricing and paid for by the individuals of the group who want the additional options.
  4. Crafted by our trusted supplier tour partners.
  5. Designed for groups of no more than 20 people.
  6. Itineraries are typically International Destinations.
  7. Accommodations are pre-arranged and not flexible.
    1. Sometimes you may have a choice of 4 or 5 star properties.
  8. Meals:
    1. Breakfast is always included in the package.
    2. Lunch and Dinner may be included or the  group may be on their own for these meals.
  9. Gratuities are included in most cases in the package.
  10. Travel insurance is mandatory and it is included in all group packages.
  11. Air transportation can be added individually  or to the whole group.
  12. No potential for Fundraising

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