Who Will Benefit From The Personal Groups All-Inclusive Travel Program

A Series Travel Program Designed To Increase Group Membership  While Adding A Revenue Stream For The Group 

Personal Groups Money Making Travel Program

We designed our PErsonal Groups Money Making “Series Travel Program” for Personal Groups of all kinds who are looking for proven ways to increase their group travel membership base, receive special rates, discounts and add more amenities . 

We added an element which helps you generate a whole new revenue stream that can be quite substantial. The results are overwhelming that this travel program creates bonded relationships and found money.

Who Will Benefit With Celebration Escape's Group All-Inclusive Travel Program

Celebration Escapes works with all kinds of groups to create an exciting All-Inclusive travel experience. A program that delivers better rates, more amenities, luxury benefits, and money back contributions that promote repeat trips. At the same time, the group experiences increased memberships and re-connections that strengthen bonds. Our program is interactive, personal, and designed around your groups passions, creating lasting memories throughout people's lives.

Celebration Escapes works with all the members of the group to insure a unique All-Inclusive experience. Each member & Guests receive better rates, more amenities and luxury benefits that allow members & Guests to travel together more often and re-connections that strengthen bonds. Our program is interactive, personal, and designed for repeat travel experiences that create lasting memories throughout people's lives.

Celebration Escapes works with personal groups who want to help people in their community who are in need. Our unique All-Inclusive travel program delivers better rates, more amenities, luxury benefits, and money fundraising contribution opportunities. Everyone in the community can experience a wonderful trip and support people in the community at the same time. This program is a proven aid in raising money for people in need within communities.  

Three Exciting & Interactive Travel Programs To Choose From. Most Of Our Clients Try Them All After Experiencing The Success Of Their First Campaign.

Clients Who Have Success With Our Personal Groups River Cruise Program


Groups Celebrating Personal Birthday Milestones 

  • Quinceanera & Sweet 16 Celebrations
  • Significant Milestone Birthdays

Personal Groups Celebrating Graduation Milestones

  • Family Transition Trips
  • Graduates Celebrations

Personal Groups Celebrating Retirement With Family & Friends

  • Multi-generational Family Celebrations 
  • Multi-Retirees & Friends Celebrations 

Personal Groups Destination Wedding Celebrations

  • Family & Friends Destination Weddings
  • Guest Extended Stay Vacations

Groups Celebrating Personal Anniversary Milestones 

  • Multi-generational Family Celebrations
  • Friends & Family Multi-Anniversaries

Personal Reunion Groups Celebrating Milestone Reunions

  • High School & College Reunion Groups
  • Veteran & Military Reunion Groups

Personal Multi-generational Family Groups Celebrating Reunions & Special  Events

  • Family & Extended Family Reunions
  • Births, Bar Mitzvahs, Ancestral Lands
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Personal Community Groups & Local Fundraising Celebrations

  • Victims Of Natural Disasters & Crimes
  • People Suffering From Illnesses 



A Unique Opportunity For Personal Groups.

  1. More Members Travel The World  For FREE
  2. Develop A Community & Create Relationships with Lasting Bonds
  3. Attract & Expand Your  Membership Base
  4. Stay Better Connected With Your Members
  5. Receive Better Discounts, Amenities and VIP Luxuries
  6. Generate A Revenue Stream For Your Group
  7. Help People In The Community Who Are In Need

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Client Love!

The All-Inclusive Program is not just in the Caribbean - the Africa program is really special. Everything is included in the trip and it's really an exciting adventure. So even within this one program, you have many types of travel experiences to choose from. 

~ Bradley 

Our Ski Club really loves this All-Inclusive Travel Program. Now we can benefit form the discounted travel and money back programs, too. 

~ Grant & Marian

Our Group loves to travel over the holidays and has taken advantage of the River Cruise Travel Program but this All-Inclusive Program adds another travel stream as well as the revenue stream. Celebration Escapes' programs just keep getting better!

~ Barbara & Robert