One Destination - Events & Tours 



One  Destination – These types of group trips are often associated with an Event. The groups stays at One Hotel/Resort with planned events and some additional off-site touring.

  1.  Air Transportation can be included or it can be a land only itinerary
  2. Hotel or Resort Booking for 1-14 nights
  3. These types of packages are often associated with Conferences and other events. The group is based in the hotel/resort with events happening on-site and additional tours and excursions are planned for off-site touring.
  4. These journeys are great for families going to ancestral home destinations to visit family for vacations.
  5. These journeys are also great for groups interested in passion themed itineraries to immerse in the culture in a given area.
  6. These packages are also great for those attending Sporting Events and Elite Experiences 
    1. Golf Championships
    2. Olympics
    3. Film Festivals
    4. Arts Festivals
    5. Culinary & Wine Festivals
    6. Music Festivals
    7. Bowl Games
    8. World Series
    9. NBA Play-offs

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