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What Is Ocean Cruising All About?

Ocean Cruising 

Ocean cruising has been around for a very long time. It was once the Ultimate Escape! People needing a vacation to rejuvenate or refresh themselves, or just to change environments, looked to the ocean seas to carry them away. This was an adventure, traveling to places that were hard to get to, or at least remote enough to escape the drudges of every day life. Yes; on a cruise ship life's cares melted away with the warm sun and the ocean breezes refreshed the body and the mind. You could set out on a journey that took you to a wonderful place where it seemed, the world could never touch you. 

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Finding The Best Ocean Cruise Line Is Easy When You Work With Celebration Escapes

There are so many Ocean Cruise Lines out there, all saying the same things. After 25 years in the travel industry, we have experienced most of these lines personally. Our team has been diligent in finding only the best cruise lines for our partnerships. There are definitely differences in cruise lines and just because they go to the same destinations, the way in which each line manages their journeys can be very different.

Just like every client is unique; looking for various types of travel experiences, with different budgets, styles of travel, and options for experiences. Most of the Ocean Cruise Lines offer something that is special or unique with their journeys.  Our Travel Consultants are familiar with all of the lines and what each one has to offer along with their specialties. Whatever your desires, we can match them with the perfect ocean cruise line for you.

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The Ocean Cruise Lines We Are Showcasing In This Website Are Truly Special Lines. 

We have created special partnerships with the very best Ocean Cruise Lines throughout the world, who have the most to offer to our very discerning clients seeking unique, inspired luxury journeys for their special milestone celebrations.  To that end, we are showcasing 3 of those Cruise Lines that we feel deliver the ultimate journeys for these clients and these celebrations. On the following pages we focus on these ocean cruise lines and their offerings, with details to help you find the best of the best  - the one that will make all of your Milestone Dreams come true.

Celebration Escapes is dedicated to delivering to our clients, the absolute best in itineraries. The suppliers we select as Partners are critical to us keeping our commitment to that effort. and you! 

Our Travel Consultants are certified Cruise Line specialists for ALL our partner cruise lines. That means we know these lines, their ships, their itineraries, their staff, and all of the incredible amenities and service they provide to you; our clients.

It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN – Everyone’s always happy; Celebration Escapes, the Partner Cruise Lines, and YOU; our very important clients. 


Need Some Advice For Your Next Cruise

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Other Recommended Ocean Cruise Lines

  • Azamara Luxury Cruises
  • Celebrity Luxury Cruises
  • Crystal Luxury Cruises
  • Oceania Luxury Cruises
  • Regent Seven Seas Luxury Cruises
  • Seabourn Luxury Cruises
  • Paul Gauguin Luxury Cruises
  • Hurtigruten Exploration Cruises
  • Linblad Exploration Cruises
  • Princess Cruises
  • Holland America Cruises
  • Norwegian Cruises
  • Costa Cruises 
  • MSC Cruises
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The Evolution Of Ocean Cruising 

It started out as a worry-free travel experience, where everything was contained, and included on the journey. The cruise was all about the journey with everything you wanted or needed was on board the ship. A quick stop over in a port for a short land experience was a nice diversion from the rolling seas. However, most people were happiest being on the ship. All of the food, drink and entertainment was included in the trip and all one had to do was relax and enjoy everything being offered to them.

Ocean Cruising began to evolve...

The ocean cruise experience has changed a lot. There is so much more to this style of travel and leisure cruising than was ever thought possible. Instead of one type and size of ship, there are a wide variety of options for the type of vessel you want to sail on. Ships are now recognized by style, too. You have the budget lines, the moderate priced lines, the traditional lines, the luxury lines, and the Mega ships. From small ocean cruise ships, to the more traditional style and size, all the way up to the huge mega ships holding upwards of 6,000 passengers - actually; floating cities.

Now, even the small ocean cruise ships are offering multiple options for their destinations, and life on board. Over the last few decades leisure ocean cruising changed from an all-inclusive journey to a check list of a la carte elements each passenger could add to their experience.  Certain Meals, Beverages, Amenities and Experiences were now costing extra.

The evolution continues...


Client Love!

Celebration Escapes really knows Ocean Cruising and what lines are best for what itineraries. They know the ships that each line has and how to match them to what we like on our cruise experiences. We couldn't cruise without them!

~ Lena & Marvin

Celebration Escapes know exactly who has the luxury ships and itineraries. They know which lines are all-inclusive and which ones have small ships for intimate cruising and personal service. They are invaluable to our cruising journeys!

~ Marsha & Brent

Without Celebration Escapes we would not know when to book for best rates, what itineraries are new and exciting, what new programs are being added and what the best matches are for our cruising preferences. 

~ Lori & Tom

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