Tauck River Cruises

Tauck River Cruises

How you see the world matters... and on Tauck’s river cruises, you can expect to see the sights a bit differently than you would with anyone else. We explore Europe’s great waterways from the Rhine and the Danube to the French RiversRhône and Seine. The custom-designed riverboats of Tauck's Destination Fleet are spacious and comfortable, welcoming you to an onboard experience characterized by the Tauck Difference – all-inclusive river cruises featuring personalized cruising enhanced by those "little Tauck touches;" our intimate, sophisticated atmosphere onboard, and the uncommon access to exclusive cultural experiences on our included excursions ashore, ensuring experiences as memorable as the places you visit... not simply what other travelers see and do. We also feature special Solo Traveler Savings on all of our river cruises; have a special program for group travel; and are the only river cruise line with dedicated multigenerational family cruises. We invite you to explore our cruises and find the one that’s perfect for you… and discover river cruises that go beyond the ordinary...

Uncommon Access


Cruising with us, you’ll enjoy exclusive access to behind-the-scenes cultural experiences on included shore excursions that immerse you in each destination, experiencing Europe as it was meant to be enjoyed… including private dining experiences in historic venues that go far beyond the ordinary.

Distinctively Inclusive


When you cruise with us, virtually every river cruise expense is included in one upfront price… including all shore excursions and unlimited complimentary beverages on-board. There are no little extras to pay for, no hidden expenses, no options sold. You get what you pay for… and then some.

Sophisticated, Intimate Ambiance

Aboard our spacious, custom-designed riverboats, you’ll find that the key to our sophisticated, intimate ambiance is in the details. Luxurious cabins and suites… service rivaling that of a premium hotel… fine European-style shipboard dining, with a choice of dining venues… all the little touches.


Tauck's Destination Fleet

Cruising Europe's inland waterways exclusively for Tauck, our Destination Fleet of riverboats – comprising 361-ft. (110-m.) ships carrying no more than 98 guests, and 443-ft. (135-m.) ships accommodating up to 130 passengers – represent the epitome of comfort and elegance in river cruising. Their spacious, well-appointed cabins and suites – including the most 300-square-foot Tauck Suites on Europe's rivers, and fewer passengers among ships of comparable size – contribute to an intimate, sophisticated ambiance on every Tauck river cruise. Aboard sister ships that are elegantly and thoughtfully designed with a contemporary European flair ascribing to the highest standards of quality and comfort, Tauck guests enjoy upscale accommodations like those you would expect at a premium hotel, with all the built-in advantages of private river cruise ships.

European River Cruises

Whether you're exploring the Rhine or the Danube, the Rhône, Seine, Maas or Moselle... the magic of our award-winning European river cruises lies in more than just the riverboat you're aboard or the landmarks you'll visit. It's in the intimate, club-like atmosphere and personalized service you'll enjoy aboard the custom-designed riverboats of Tauck's Destination Fleet, featuring more 300-square-foot Tauck Suites than other ships of comparable size. The places you'll discover off the beaten path, along with the must-see sights you just have to experience. The uncommon access to local culture and the exclusive destination experiences you just can't get on your own. The connections you'll make with the people you'll meet. The traditions and little moments they'll share with you. We never settle for ordinary because you deserve much more from a river cruise: to experience a true slice of European life and return home transformed. Where will the current take you?


Why Tauck River Cruises

Guests often tell us that it’s the “little things” that make their river cruise experience so special. Like traveling with someone who cares –

How you see the world matters.

Tauck's staff go “above and beyond” to take care of all the details and make every moment count. Guests are cruising aboard custom-designedTravel in Good Company

Travel In Good Company!

You’re traveling in good company when you cruise with Tauck. You are well-cared for with personalized, thoughtful service from at least four Tauck staff on every river cruise; plus an experienced ship’s crew, representing the highest tour director-to-guest ratio in the industry.

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