Personal River Cruise Journeys


Personal River Cruising – These cruises are crafted for specific dates, with itineraries managed by Celebration Escape’s Partner River Cruise Lines. They are for couples & groups smaller than 20 people.

  1. Designed for any size group under 20 people 
  2. Pre-determined Cruise Dates (no flexibility for additional cruise dates)
  3. Individual Shore Excursion Options are available including custom experiences, privileged access, and VIP service.
  4. Shore Trips & Excursions Included in Itinerary
  5. Celebrity Hosted tours available
  6. Celebrity Escorted tours available
  7. Privileged Access Available
  8. Celebrity Events, workshops, expeditions, and more available
  9. Unique Destination Tours and Events available
  10. Travel by 
    1. Date
    2. Destination
    3. Theme
    4. Celebrity Hosted
    5. Special Events, Lectures, Arts, and more
    6. Special Guests & Escorts
  11. NO Potential for Fundraising Available

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