Let's Compare These Cruise Experiences

So what's the real differences between a river cruise and an ocean cruise? 

What Does A River Cruise Experience Offer

What Does An Ocean Cruise Experience Offer

  1. River ships are smaller, carrying typically no more than 200 passengers.
  2. You have fewer destination and itinerary options than you have on ocean cruises. Although you can visit some of the same continents there are a limited number of places river ships travel for tourists. 
  3. The atmosphere on the river is much more social and you can easily make new friends and develop relationships on these cruises.
  4. The cabins are smaller than ocean cruise ships but the lines are pushing back with adding many more comfort amenities in the staterooms and being very creative with the space they have. They now boast balconies, and full height windows that lower out of sight to make your whole cabin feel like a balcony. Oh - and all the cabins face the water, no inside cabins here.
  5. Culinary options are more limited on the river cruises. Many serve only the evening meal as a service oriented affair. Breakfast and lunches are often buffets. However, more ships are offering multiple restaurant venues and alternative dining options throughout the ship, including private meal venues and room service on some ships. They also host meals on land to give the travelers additional dining experiences.
  1. Ocean ships are much larger, their small ships, typically carry 2,000 to 6,000 passengers.
  2. There are a tremendous number of destinations and itineraries available for ocean cruising on every continent.
  3. It's much easier to be lost in the crowds and do your own thing on an ocean cruise ship. The sheer numbers allow for more anonymity aboard but also more lines everywhere.
  4. Ocean cruise ships have a much wider variety of stateroom categories. The offer port hole, inside, oceanview windows, balconies, and suites that are anywhere from a few hundred square feet to two story apartment size spaces. The new mega ships are also now offering inside cabins with balconies that look out over the boulevards of the ship.
  5. Dining options on ocean cruise ships is quite versatile. Of course, they still offer their buffet throughout the day and night. However, they are also offering many alternative dining options, some included in the price of the cruise and others with additional costs on board. They are also adding a large number of alternative restaurants and beverage bars, as well as more fast food options and cafes. Room service can be had at any time and many people opt for private dining on their balconies these days.

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Celebration Escapes really helps us to decide on which type of cruising to do for our Milestone Celebrations and vacations. They match occasions, cruising styles and ships that make our cruising journeys perfect for us.

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We didn't think we would like River Cruising but once Celebration Escapes got us to try one we found out what we had been missing. We love the small ships, the easy access and stopping right in the city centers. The excursions are so immersive and we really have time to spend in the areas. Thanks Pamala!

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Ocean Cruising is our passion and we love Celebration Escapes' Consultants who know just what line to use and what itineraries to pick that match perfectly with what we are looking for in each journey. They're the Best!

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