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Due to potentially rough conditions at sea, ocean liners were built to sit lower in the water, with a pointed bow designed to cut through high waves. The Queen Mary 2 is the sole true Ocean Liner operating in the world today.

Purpose built cruise ships take on different forms and features to ocean liners.  Cruise ships are more box-like in shape and contain less heavy steel, allowing room for more passengers and savings on fuel consumption. Because cruise ships sit higher in the water they also have access to more ports. Cruise ships designed for leisurely travel don’t require such high speeds as ocean liners. Cruise companies now relocate their vessels in ports all around the world. Modern ships built to travel at speeds almost equitable with the Queen Mary 2. Cruise ships are becoming more hydrodynamic and stronger.

River Cruise Ships are much smaller than ocean liners and cruise ships. They are designed to travel the riverways and not out on the open seas. They are built to traverse the many locks throughout the river passages. They are much lighter than ocean going vessels and can more easily maneuver with the varying water levels that occur on the rivers. They are also long and lean in appearance. Two levels above water is maximum for these ships and there are specific limits on height and width of River Cruise ships. 


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So what's the real differences between a river cruise and an ocean cruise? 

  1. River ships are smaller, carrying typically no more than 200 passengers.
  2. You have fewer destination and itinerary options than you have on ocean cruises. Although you can visit some of the same continents there are a limited number of places river ships travel for tourists. 
  3. The atmosphere on the river is much more social and you can easily make new friends and develop relationships on these cruises.
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  1. Ocean ships are much larger, their small ships, typically carry 2,000 to 6,000 passengers.
  2. There are a tremendous number of destinations and itineraries available for ocean cruising on every continent.
  3. It's much easier to be lost in the crowds and do your own thing on an ocean cruise ship. The sheer numbers allow for more anonymity aboard but also more lines everywhere.

Let's Take A Closer Look - What Are These Cruises All About?

Client Love!

We used to only cruise on the oceans. Celebration Escapes showed us options and how mixing up ocean and river cruising gives you very different, yet enjoyable experiences. We now cruise both ways and love the diversity.

~ Claudia & James 

We love the River Cruises for the more intimate immersion in the countries but we love ocean cruising for the days we can just chill sailing on the water. These options give us trips for both sides of our cruising style. 

~ Mary & Douglas

Celebration Escapes Staff is so informed and really help us to wade through the huge number of cruise lines, and itineraries to make great choices for our cruising vacations.

~ Suzanne & William

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