Krista & Lawrence Ferretti:

Where to start?

Pam was wonderful! She was so knowledgeable and helpful on pretty much every detail! If we had a question about anything, she would find out for us. She did so much work for our wedding, really going above and beyond with the details.

Pam was there from the planning stages, 2 years before the actual event! She never pressured us on time, place, or anything.

First, we wanted Hawaii and she did a ton of research for us with that. Then we realized we couldn’t do Hawaii and she did a ton more research to help us find the perfect place closer to home. She found our beach house, our vendors, even booked us our honeymoon, doing all the research again! We did not have to deal with anything except for deciding what we wanted. She would find it for us.

The only vendors I met with ahead of time were the photographer, the florist to work out the flower details, and the bakery to taste the cake! They were all found by Pam and they did an absolutely amazing job!

The supplier, who also catered the event, ended up not coming through on a few things as promised on the day of the wedding, but Pam dealt with it smoothly and coordinated everything… all from across the country!!

Even though it did not work out for her to be there in person on the day of, she was on the phone with the vendors making sure everything was going as planned. We didn’t have to deal with any of it.

She enlisted my maid of honor and father-in-law to handle a few hiccups.  I know if we had been able to have her there in person we wouldn’t have even known anything was wrong.

Pam was so easy to work with and kept up constant communication with us.

My husband and I loved working with her and we would recommend her to anyone looking for a wedding planner. Her services are worth every penny!

We truly felt she cared as much about our big day as we did and that meant a lot to us.

Thank you Pam!!

Christa & Lawrence Ferretti, Atlanta, GA