Donna & James Marx:

Pam, Thank you once again for all that you do and the extraordinary way that you do it all!

I could go on and on.  And I'm sure I am forgetting some things.  I would highly recommend this place to others.  It was a great experience for the rest of the family who have never been to an all-inclusive.  However, as I said, you have spoiled us.  Jim and I will for sure never do less than a 5-star package again.

We SO appreciate all the effort you put forth in making this a vacation to remember for years to come.  We just absolutely had a wonderful time being together.  And Jim's parents enjoyed doing it for us! - Donna Marx - Valentin Resort and Spa, Riviera Maya, MX.


  • WOW!!  What a facility!  Taken to a sitting area, served champagne and check-in at a desk. (Thanks for this special treatment you arranged.)
  • Loved that is was off the beaten Cancun path.
  • The foliage and pathways and variety of building structures made it so elegant.
  • Huge Christmas tree in lobby with other decorations throughout the resort.
  • No issues with putting us in a requested building (5) and we were all on the same floor. Once again you worked out the details that were amazing.
  • Building 5 was a perfect location...right by the pool, beach and buffet.  Perfect for Jim's parents.
  • Rooms were beautiful!  Very spacious, nice sitting area, marble floors, huge marble bathroom with glass enclosures.  Stocked fridge (beer but no alcohol?) with snacks.  Robes, house slippers.  Towels for the pool.  Nice bottles of complimentary shampoo, etc.  
  • Buffet was a step above "typical".  Only disappointed on Christmas afternoon.  Almost seemed like they thought the Americans had all left.  It was very European...where was the chips and guac/pizza/burgers from the past 3 days?  It was weird.
  • The restaurants were absolutely amazing!  Service impeccable, food to die for!  Never felt rushed.  Made every effort to seat us near each other since a table of 14 was too big.
  • Not sure how I feel about not making reservations.  It worked out for us every night except for the Habachi.  That one is obviously popular and we could not get in there with our large group.  The next night we all went our separate ways and a smaller group of us ended up getting in...worth it!
  • LOVED the top shelf alcohol!  Drinks were always good.
  • There were plenty of bars within reach.  Even had service on the beach which was cool.
  • Two minor complaints about bar service.  One guy at the beach bar was not very nice.  We ended up putting our tips away because he seemed to be ignoring us.  And a waiter at the pool encouraged us to use him as opposed to the guys wading across the pool to get drinks.  Then one time Jim asked him where the drink was that he ordered and he said he "didn't get enough orders to go get it yet"...what??  If we had been there longer and had experienced these things multiple times I would have been comfortable reporting them.  This was definitely not how the rest of the staff was trained.
  • Other than that, I felt like the staff bent over backwards to make sure we were happy.
  • No heavy solicitation for activities/excursions.  We did do parasailing and the guy gave us a little discount.  I liked that the vendors in front of the hotel were outside of the lobby and down the hall and around the corner.  You literally had to go looking for them with no opportunity for them to approach you.
  • We didn't really go to the shows.  A few people saw some kind of fire show outside which looked cool.  Liked the plaza area.  They had a DJ one night, a casino night and a band another night.
  • It was the little things that Jim and I noticed, like music being piped in along the walkways, the iguanas and other animals due to the foliage, cloth tablecloths and napkins even at the buffet, a bar in the buffet, etc.
  • The beach was beautiful.  Plenty of chairs.  Lounges with covered huts and drapery.

I hope this all helps to inform other clients of this property and once again, your recommendations and the elements you orchestrated were fabulous!

Our warmest wishes, 

Donna & Jim

Donna & Jim Marx, O'Fallon, MO