Dr. Jason and Dr. Whitney Hamed:

Just got back into town....Awesome!!!! We will be using you and your team for all of our trips. It was great! Thank you so very much!" Jason and Whitney Hamed -  Riviera Maya, Mexico

To Whom It May Concern:

Have you ever needed a vacation, but didn't realize how badly you needed until you were there? This just recently happened to me and my wife. We knew we wanted a vacation, but did not realize how much we needed it. This past vacation allowed us to reenergize of minds, bodies and spirit. The vacation allowed us to reenergize our marriage and to re-energize our business, as my wife and I own our own business.

The vacation was everything and more than we anticipated. I would like to take a moment and thank Donna Marx and Pam Reiter for all their help. As a business owner who balances his time and energy between his professional life and his family life, I wanted as little to do with the planning of our vacation as possible. I literally wanted to show up and that's it. Donna and Pam made that a reality. Every detail was handled to the letter. This allowed me and my wife to relax and enjoy our trip, instead of focusing on logistics and planning.

Thank you, Donna and Pam for your assistance in making our vacation such a memorable experience. I recommend their services for anyone who wants stress free planning and an awesome vacation; the type of vacation that revitalizes your personal and professional lives!


Dr. Jason Hamed

Dr. Jason and Dr. Whitney Hamed, Dardenne Prarrie, MO