Tara & Norman Weaver:

 Costa Rica Custom Trip

Hi, Pamala.

Thank you so much for checking in.  Let me begin with the first part of our trip – El Silencio.  El Silencio is the absolute best experience I have ever had in my life.  I was so sad to leave.  Every little detail about that portion of our trip was amazing.  I could type for days about El Silencio – I want to live there!  You are so fabulous! Every little, tiny detail was accounted for.  When we arrived they were waiting for us, prepared with an itinerary flexible enough to meet our needs.  Jimmy, our driver, was so great.  He was so hospitable and made us feel so comfortable from the moment we saw him.  His English is excellent, so good I was surprised he had never lived in the US.  Andrey and Benicio were outstanding.  Andrey gave us such a great hike and community tour.  We felt like we had known Jimmy and Andrey our whole life.  I can’t say enough how incredible everything was.  I told Norman, the people that took care of the rooms were like “little fairies”.  You never saw them, but they knew exactly the right time to arrive in the morning and in the evening and they left everything so pleasant.  The spa at El Silencio was gorgeous and the service I received was outstanding.  Our private dinner was one we will always remember. 

Punta Islita was in no way bad, but they did not come close to what we experienced at El Silencio.  Due to some of the rain, etc. we decided to change our zip lining excursion to the turtle watching excursion.  I have always loved sea turtles and we love animals.  I highly recommend this to you or any of your clients if they go during this season.  It was one of the most magical things I have ever experienced.  It was pouring down rain, but I was so mesmerized I didn’t even notice.  I’m sure you heard about the earthquake, outside of being a little “shook up” (no pun intended) it did not impact our trip.  Ironically, we had only been at Punta Islita for about 45 minutes when it happened.  We were so worried about Jimmy, since he had just dropped us off.  I think there were only two other guests at the resort the majority of the time we were at Punta Islita, and seemed like the staff there didn’t take everything as seriously.  It is hard to describe, but outside of a few people that I mention below, everyone just seemed to be “going through the motions”.  Kind of like, “oh, it’s low season.”

We really enjoyed the ENTIRE trip, and Norman and I joked that we felt kind of bad for Punta Islita having to always be compared to El Silencio.  I think if we had just gone to Punta Islita, we would have never thought twice about it.  The bar was set REALLY high.  I offered a detailed review to the people at Punta Islita and I pasted that below for you to see what I shared.

Again, we were absolutely thrilled with the trip, and you executed our dream vacation flawlessly.  I look forward to working with you again. 

We know our next trip will be a family trip and will include our boys, but probably not for a while – they are still pretty young.

Thanks again!


Tara & Norman Weaver, Cedar Hill, TX